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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2018

TitlePosted on
Most promising PhD proposal Award for Johannes Kleinhempel17 December 2018
From energy at sea to healthcare equipment: grant for FEB research into logistics to improve society14 December 2018
Retired house owners reluctant to redeem house value26 November 2018
Self-managing teams do not create more equality among colleagues21 November 2018
Common workplace health promotion tactics may increase weight stigma and discrimination20 November 2018
Best Working Paper Award for Drijfhout, Van Doorn and Van Ittersum13 November 2018
Business Meets University: Innovatie & Transformatie | 14 december08 November 2018
Dr. P.K. Kannan appointed Professor by Special Appointment of Digital Business & Analytics08 November 2018
Shift away from gas.... But how?25 October 2018
Contact between patients on social media improves the relationship with healthcare professionals17 October 2018
Ahaus, Van Offenbeek and Stoker appointed as editors of PLOS One, ISJ and The Leadership Quarterly12 October 2018
€4 million EU grant for interdisciplinary health research in Asia11 October 2018
Emerald Literati Award 2018 for Peter Leeflang and Tammo Bijmolt11 October 2018
What the world really needs to know about leadership09 October 2018
Moral judgements directed at people with overweight have a disastrous effect on their motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle08 October 2018
Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth | Looking back on a successful Summer School02 October 2018
Second GDBC event in DOT Groningen: join us02 October 2018
Podcast with Koert van Ittersum: ‘Decrease in consumption will be an interesting experiment’28 September 2018
Health: an important source of income inequality between countries28 September 2018
Best Paper Awards for Bart Los, Jenny van Doorn, Nick Szirbik and Peter Verhoef25 September 2018
Being as green as you should be can cause great social inconvenience24 September 2018
Opening of the Academic Year: Climate change as a new business reality20 September 2018
UG Students help young students with logistics19 September 2018
If online consumer switches from smartphone to PC, a purchase is imminent11 September 2018
Higher housing prices stimulate expenditure | Master’s thesis by FEB student Lisanne Spiegelaar making national headlines10 September 2018
Local Taxes Calculator makes it easier to compare local taxes17 August 2018
Video: Iris Vis on the logistical challenges involved in introducing LNG02 August 2018
Bloemendaal receives €953 per resident and Heerlen €3,46501 August 2018
UG and Meyer Werft sign collaboration agreement | FEB Professor Alan Muller investigates how to create a worldwide sustainability reporting system25 July 2018
SRI investors in United States better off with passively managed funds19 July 2018
Veni grant for Thom de Vries | Team boundary spanning in response to disruptions16 July 2018
Northern Netherlands entrepreneurs embrace disruptive technologies12 July 2018
Carolien de Bruin, Alumnus of the Year10 July 2018
How can we reduce sugar sales?09 July 2018
Healthy living as a moral duty: well-meaning government campaigns divide society04 July 2018
Harry Garretsen: ‘We need a strong government, particularly now’03 July 2018
The challenges of Business Model Innovation02 July 2018
Higher mortgage interest deductions lead to higher house prices, higher debts and more mortgage defaults29 June 2018
Summer School on Corporate Governance29 June 2018
Julia Storch proclaimed NWO Research Talent 201826 June 2018
Trump’s policies could reduce US trade by 20 percent26 June 2018
ISPIM Best Dissertation Prize won by Amber Geurts25 June 2018
Bringing Physical Internet to life14 June 2018
A new era of organizational relationships | Inaugural lecture David Langley | 19 June11 June 2018
House prices in earthquake area fall on average by 9.3%08 June 2018
Lara Lobschat wins MOA Insights Scientist Award08 June 2018
Opinion Peter Verhoef: The immense power of Amazon07 June 2018
Opinion Eelko Huizingh: Clearing the way for gas-free construction06 June 2018
End to gas extraction in Groningen: an opportunity for the region to lead energy transition05 June 2018
Former PhD student Niels Holtrop wins Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation award04 June 2018
Suddenly the office chair says: sit up straight!29 May 2018
UG opens the Netherlands’ first Physical Internet lab28 May 2018
Electrification will cause major increase in gas demand in the Netherlands23 May 2018
Top economist Thomas Piketty visits UG to speak on ‘Rising Inequality and Globalisation’ | Today, 15.15 – 17.30 | Watch the live stream23 May 2018
Dr Rieneke Slager co-authors report for UN-backed body17 May 2018
NVAO-accreditatie voor Executive MBA, University of Groningen Business School17 May 2018
It takes $50 a month to convince people to give up Facebook, new research shows01 May 2018
News IAEE Energy conference: dual plenary session on Long-term Energy Scenarios and Consumer Behaviour01 May 2018
Robert Lensink awarded Royal Decoration26 April 2018
Second Plenary Session IAEE Energy Conference: Electricity Market Design26 April 2018
Research by Martijn Keizer reveals: Lower literacy levels among people with financial problems25 April 2018
Elena Martinescu and Julia Storch win SOM Awards for research on gossip and shopping emotions19 April 2018
IAEE International Energy Conference: Energy in Emerging and Developing Countries17 April 2018
Dr. Nancy Kamp-Roelands RA MA of EY new professor in Accountancy16 April 2018
Six round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference09 April 2018
Opinion: Make the cost of CO2 emissions a permanent feature of annual reports06 April 2018
Opinion: Greedy bankers and angry public equally hypocritical05 April 2018
Local levies for home owners rise by 0.8%30 March 2018
Explicitly mentioning business identity increases confidence in an alliance - FEB blog by Floor Rink27 March 2018
Intercultural conflicts may implicitly affect bystander beliefs - FEB blog by Yan Shao23 March 2018
Should we pay for their goldfish ponds? Managerial compensation – a signal of firms’ values | FEB blog by Jana Oehmichen20 March 2018
Electoral losses for ruling parties in Dutch local government14 March 2018
Opinion: Meat free week - a recipe for change09 March 2018
Meat Free Week: Jan Willem Bolderdijk studies ‘soya saints’08 March 2018
The whole world is eagerly awaiting historical economic data from Groningen07 March 2018
Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health to open on 15 March 201806 March 2018
Manda Broekhuis appointed Professor of Professional Service Chains06 March 2018
Groningen school pupils tackle urban distribution05 March 2018
Inaugural lecture Robert Inklaar: Beyond growth? Productivity and prosperity in the 21st century05 March 2018
CO2 reduction barely features on corporate financial agendas01 March 2018
Team NL exceeds UG economists’ predictions at Pyeongchang Olympics26 February 2018
A roadmap for Man Made Blue Zones - New blog by Koert van Ittersum22 February 2018
Opinion: High economic growth masks old as well as new problems20 February 2018
Interview: Marijke Leliveld and Hans Risselada on collaborating to study charity giving16 February 2018
New FEB blog: Yingjie Yuan on how firms can manage ‘star’ employees15 February 2018
Service guarantee from (semi-)government can improve relationship with citizens15 February 2018
Creative ideas don’t automatically lead to innovations14 February 2018
Jochen Mierau: ‘The health differences in the Northern Netherlands are bizarre’14 February 2018
National grant for large-scale research project in Selwerd07 February 2018
‘The crisis is over, but the construction industry is failing to innovate’07 February 2018
Attention customers: our price sensitivity changes while we are grocery shopping05 February 2018
Groningen economists predict Pyeongchang medal table: 5 gold medals for the Netherlands29 January 2018
New instrument measures our acceptance of sensitive information collection26 January 2018
Ward Romeijnders wins Gijs de Leve Prize 2015-2017 for the best PhD thesis on the Mathematics of Operations Research18 January 2018
Extremely limited residential tax rise for large municipalities16 January 2018
The Groningen Growth and Development Centre: 25 years of telling the story of the world economy through data15 January 2018
Belang van tv-reclame neemt af12 January 2018
Better leadership with the aid of data: research into the tricky role of middle managers10 January 2018
Focus not on the costs but on the social benefits of healthy ageing – Dean Herman de Jong on the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health09 January 2018
It makes financial sense for firms to address gender bias in hiring – New FEB blog by Samuele Murtinu08 January 2018
What is the best antidote to showrooming? – Best Paper Award for Peter Verhoef04 January 2018
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