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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2016

TitlePosted on
Terugblik kick-off HeadsUP23 December 2016
NWO grant for research on financial literacy and behaviour in Curaçao21 December 2016
Large subsidy for Professor Roodbergen: innovative logistics for online shops20 December 2016
Outstanding Paper Award for Theo Dijkstra19 December 2016
Home owner spends on average € 1,286 on local and regional taxes16 December 2016
Ottow Committee: DNB and AFM review process must be more transparent14 December 2016
Verhoef and Alsem win prize for the best Marketing book and best Marketing textbook in the Netherlands08 December 2016
One million euros for Jutta Bolt’s research into better prediction of Africa’s explosive population growth06 December 2016
Sjoerd Beugelsdijk Reviewing editor Journal of International Business Studies02 December 2016
IIM Finance Award for Master thesis Elizabeth van der Wagen29 November 2016
Stagnating global trade partly caused by decreased fragmentation of production chains25 November 2016
Dutch fear of being cleaned out by Belgian takeovers is unfounded23 November 2016
Heerlen receives the most, Bloemendaal the least09 November 2016
Top economist Acemoglu visits Groningen to speak on "The Race of Man Against Machine"05 November 2016
Internationalization and the quest for legitimacy | Inaugural lecture Prof. Alan Muller (1 November)27 October 2016
In the LEAD organizes lecture series ‘Successful leaders’18 October 2016
Science publication co-authored by Wander Jager: Strong visual cues help drive social tipping points17 October 2016
Experience and skill may determine the success of ‘thrifty super-innovators’12 October 2016
EBF welcomes Lodewijk Asscher at its annual congress on 6 October 201604 October 2016
Elsevier survey 2016 best FEB programmes: Econometrics, Business Administration, International Business, Supply Chain Management and Marketing04 October 2016
Groningen students present innovative solutions to companies on Innovation Day (Dag van de Innovatie)27 September 2016
Healthwise en Accare onderzoeken financiële baten jeugdzorg21 September 2016
Research by Erik Dietzenbacher mentioned in Juncker’s State of the Union19 September 2016
Opening of the Academic Year: Working up a sweat with Zora12 September 2016
Best Reviewer Award for Frank Walter and Floor Rink08 September 2016
Housing corporations could reduce current expenditures by about 30 percent07 September 2016
Director Peter Verhoef: “Setting up the University of Groningen Business School is a logical step”06 September 2016
Iris Vis appointed as Dean of Industry Relations05 September 2016
Households unwittingly pay tens of euros to the municipality29 August 2016
FEB graduate Stan Graumans best MSc student in Risk and Stochastics at London School of Economics26 August 2016
Reggy Hooghiemstra, Niels Hermes and Jim Emanuels win Runner-up best paper award ($2,500)26 August 2016
Sport Economics conference: insights to help coaches, managers, athletes and governments22 August 2016
Register for our free online course: Decision-Making in a Complex and Uncertain World | Start 5 September18 August 2016
Festive Opening Academic Year @FEB: New perspectives on health and value-based healthcare | 8 September11 August 2016
How 5-star online customer reviews can backfire09 August 2016
Dutch universities support Turkish academics and students22 July 2016
Groningen economists predict Rio medal table: 8 Olympic golds for the Netherlands11 July 2016
Mergers and acquisitions: What the US and Europe can learn from China06 July 2016
Ward Romeijnders runner-up Stochastic Programming Student Paper Prize06 July 2016
Peter Verhoef Academic Trustee of Marketing Science Institute01 July 2016
Stijn Broekema (MSc Marketing and MSc Finance) best FEB student, winner of GUF-100 prize01 July 2016
Northern Dutch innovation often comes from unexpected sources29 June 2016
Successful consultancy collaboration FEB and Law students13 June 2016
Data-driven customer satisfaction project for NS: finalist for Gary Lillien ISMS-MSI Practice Prize10 June 2016
Landlord levy has unforeseen consequences09 June 2016
€2.6 million grant awarded to CIBIF research center09 June 2016
COPE conference 2016: Science and practice come together at conference on logistics03 June 2016
Janka Stoker appointed to external evaluation commission DNB and AFM19 May 2016
Looking for innovative solutions by young talents? Submit your case for the SME Business Challenge!19 May 2016
Tammo Bijmolt wins Best Paper Award for paper on the effects of loyalty programs19 May 2016
Vidi research grant for Floor Rink13 May 2016
Even in the long term, ‘light’ does not make you slimmer12 May 2016
Robert Inklaar receives Duisenberg Prize for outstanding research into applied economics12 May 2016
Directorship for professor Koert van Ittersum within Dutch top sector Agri & Food11 May 2016
Simply borrow the competitor’s ship | Iris Vis about research with Groningen Seaports and the Port of Rotterdam Authority06 May 2016
Koninklijke Onderscheiding voor Frans Rutten26 April 2016
Avebe and RUG in talks on new Innovation Centre20 April 2016
Ten Years Dutch Studies Centre Fudan-Groningen14 April 2016
FEB students advise Kentalis: more flexibility in health care12 April 2016
Video Bernard Nijstad | From creative idea to innovation: how does that work?23 March 2016
Funding for research project of Pedro de Faria22 March 2016
FEB Research Master 'top programme', first places for IE&B and SCM in Higher Education Guide Masters22 March 2016
COPE congress “Logistics is everywhere”21 March 2016
Floor Rink in Harvard Business Review: The biases that punish racially diverse teams24 February 2016
Professor Damien Power receives GLOBE Robert J. House Best Research Paper Award09 February 2016
Herman de Jong new dean of FEB as of 1 September08 February 2016
New book: How to create value with Big Data04 February 2016
Grant of 300.000 for research of Faems and Estrada on innovation21 January 2016
Excellent research at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)18 January 2016
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