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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2015

TitlePosted on
“Prevent medicine dosing errors: change instructions from spoons to milliliters”13 January 2016
University open on Friday as usual08 January 2016
Substantial Korea Foundation Grant for CEASG and FEB06 January 2016
FEB students ideas: turn ‘Pieterburen’ into more than a seal sanctuary17 December 2015
Royal Decoration for Jaap van Manen03 December 2015
Organizational culture in the financial sector is not conducive to unethical behaviour18 November 2015
FEB welcomes international experts on career services for students | Conference 18-20 November13 November 2015
Leandro Prados de la Escosura to succeed Jan Luiten van Zanden on the Honorary Maddison Chair03 November 2015
Rosalind Franklin Fellows Rink and Spierdijk appointed as professors02 November 2015
Conference: Informal caregivers, patients and professionals: a dream team?! | 30 October19 October 2015
SOM Awards 2014 for researchers Ruud Teunter, Jan Willem Bolderdijk, Jakob Bosma and Dennis Prak18 October 2015
Joint research in logistics with Georgia Tech: signing ceremony during Economic mission in Atlanta12 October 2015
Koos de Glas winner of MSc Thesis Award FEB05 October 2015
Elsevier student survey: top scores for all BSc’s and MSc’s. Biggest winners: Econometrics, Economics, Finance and Business Administration02 October 2015
Successful meeting 'Innovating & Improving Together': students advise SMEs [video]29 September 2015
Research grants of 100K for FEB’s Jutta Bolt: the future of farming and income inequality in Africa22 September 2015
Prizes and appointments for FEB researchers Andreas Rauch, Eduard Sari Andreu, John Dong and Paul Elhorst15 September 2015
FEB graduate top official in Europe: Alexander Italianer new Secretary General European Commission10 September 2015
Invitation: Maddison Lecture by Harvard Prof. Williamson | Growth and Inequality in America | 14 September07 September 2015
[Video & pictures] Successful Opening Academic Year, guest lectures and prize winners: Viola Angelini, Jochem de Bresser and Anouk Tolsma04 September 2015
CEO's Tony's Chocolonely and Friesland Campina to open Academic Year FEB on 3 September (interviews with speakers available!)01 September 2015
Boost to fundamental research on logistics, sustainability and energy at University of Groningen27 August 2015
Veni subsidies voor FEB onderzoekers Jochem de Bresser and Susanne Täuber10 August 2015
FEB EORAS student Anke Konst wins 4,000 euro scholarship13 July 2015
Young researchers in Operations Management and Operations Research very successful: awards and grants10 July 2015
Thijmen Calis (BSc E&BE) best student of the University of Groningen!06 July 2015
Stoker and Winter: "Dialogue Table gas drilling achieved surprising and impressive results" (video)30 June 2015
University of Groningen and Hanze will visit Northern SME entrepreneurs29 June 2015
Successful meeting in Amsterdam: alumni appreciate the link with FEB26 June 2015
FEB alumnus Lucas Hulsebos wins Market researchers award for the second time12 June 2015
Official awarding of EQUIS accreditation certificate for Faculty of Economics and Business this week12 June 2015
Nederlands-Duitse business professionals samengebracht op conferentie bij FEB op 22 mei26 May 2015
German Day op 22 mei brengt Nederlands-Duitse business professionals samen | uitnodiging15 May 2015
‘Marketeers, take care of your customers and increase your profits’06 May 2015
Geldschepping: de mythes, de feiten en de alternatieven | Symposium 29 mei30 April 2015
Foreign employees resigned to being underpaid | PhD Berntsen 30 April23 April 2015
Master Supply Chain Management is ‘topopleiding’: koppeling theoretische kennis en bedrijfspraktijk08 April 2015
International Energy Economics Conference 2018 to be held in Groningen31 March 2015
Political events and economic consequences. Major international conference in Groningen, 7-10 April31 March 2015
Three of FEB Master’s degree programmes are the best in the Netherlands, nine in the top 327 March 2015
Research about sustainable distribution of LNG explained to Royal couple24 March 2015
FEB alumnus Mariska Verstappen wins Dutch Marketing Thesis Award 201524 March 2015
NWO grant for Prof. Mulder: Changes to electricity market due to sustainable energy12 March 2015
David van Lennep Scriptieprijs voor Maxim Laurijssen11 March 2015
FEB research centre VinCI en SNN onderzoeken innovatiekracht noordelijk bedrijfsleven10 March 2015
Afscheidscollege Prof. Van der Meer en symposium “Toekomst van het pensioen” | 11 maart09 March 2015
Workshop to start new Centre for Energy Economics Research 17 March | application open06 March 2015
Best Paper Award of Contemporary Economic Policy journal for Jakob de Haan and Anna Samaryna03 March 2015
FEB student Aman Sharma wins First Prize in EU Career Challenge!03 March 2015
Shubashis Gangopadhyay appointed Professor of Emerging Markets Finance27 February 2015
VICI grant for Prof. Marcel Timmer12 February 2015
NWO teacher grant for PhD research Bianca Harms: The effectiveness of online branded content05 February 2015
AFGELAST - Workshopdag ‘Duurzame energieoplossingen op lokaal niveau’ (12 februari)29 January 2015
‘Refurbished’ products can affect consumer appreciation for new product, says Prof Van Ittersum27 January 2015
Maxim Laurijssen wins NIP A&O Thesis Prize 201421 January 2015
Most downloaded article from Science Direct written by FEB professor Verhoef | 6 FEB articles in Top 10021 January 2015
Routledge Handbooks Online : trial19 January 2015
FEB student Matej Nepimach wins 2nd prize Hoofbosch Investment Fund for MSc Finance thesis14 January 2015
Roelof Salomons Professor Investment Theory and Asset Management07 January 2015
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