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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2012

Lower income groups less well prepared for pension reductions21 January 2013
COELO: Woonlasten grote gemeenten stijgen minder dan inflatie14 January 2013
Prof. Erik Dietzenbacher elected president of International Input-Output Association14 January 2013
Aard Groen professor of Entrepreneurship and Valorisation03 January 2013
Jiansuo Pei, PhD: Input-output analyses of the Chinese economy21 December 2012
Study Abroad Photo Contest winner: Depicting the world map14 December 2012
Support RUG Accountancy team in Serious Request run!13 December 2012
"Investment consultant’s yield could be better", says Marc Kramer, PhD12 December 2012
Oratie prof.dr. Paul Elhorst: ‘Regionale politici moeten verder kijken dan de provinciegrens’10 December 2012
Prof. Herman de Jong: "De crisis van de jaren dertig: verloren jaren of een grote sprong voorwaarts?"07 December 2012
PhD: Understanding how energy companies can acquire and keep customers07 December 2012
FEB student wins energy battle and will feature on National Geographic Channel06 December 2012
Successful visit of DNB president Klaas Knot (video)23 November 2012
NWO funding for FEB research into management of rail assets20 November 2012
Decaan Garretsen in Forum Dwarsdiep 15 november (20u)13 November 2012
PhD: Managing information over the asset life-cycle13 November 2012
DNB president Klaas Knot: lecture and opening Duisenberg Exhibition on 15 November at FEB08 November 2012
Prof. Dries Faems: ‘Top sectors must be organized differently’29 October 2012
Prof. Bob Fennis: ‘Do your shopping before you go to work’26 October 2012
Laura Spierdijk en Matthijs Bierman: ‘It’s time for common sense banking’22 October 2012
"Is the WTO still the most suitable institution to promote free trade?"15 October 2012
What is driving Africa’s economic growth spurt? FEB researchers receive large grant for research09 October 2012
Finance for three major logistic research projects of University of Groningen09 October 2012
"A way out of the crisis", debate with a.o. Spierdijk, Bezemer and Garretsen (Wednesday 10 October)08 October 2012
The role of the controller in cases of financial statement fraud08 October 2012
Professor Sloot: online stores booming, what should traditional retailers do?01 October 2012
"Long-term reward programs increase turnover in retail, many current programs last too short"27 September 2012
TTA talent Award for the 10 most talented economics and business students at FEB27 September 2012
"A way out of the crisis", debate with a.o. Spierdijk, Bezemer and Garretsen (10 October)26 September 2012
Professor Garretsen appointed to Bank Council DNB25 September 2012
FEB student receives scholarship for study and entrepreneurship in the USA25 September 2012
Entrepreneurship and bribery in Vietnam, a transition economy19 September 2012
Eerste "Careers Week" voor studenten van de Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde18 September 2012 4.57 p.m.
Financial crisis too easily blamed on ‘contagion’17 September 2012
Intra-organizational networks for innovation11 September 2012
EBF Groningen welcomes DNB President and Transavia CEO10 September 2012
Impact of financial crisis is related to the flexibility of labor market10 September 2012
Successful opening of FEB - EBF Academic Year. Pictures and Award Winners online!07 September 2012
Welcoming new economics and business students at the FEB!31 August 2012
Uitzending gemist? Professor Janka Stoker's commentaar op het RTL Premiersdebat27 August 2012
Professor Spierdijk: "Use the right price incentives to stimulate healthier eating habits"27 August 2012
Symposium: 'Future of the Netherlands in the Asian Era', with: Klaas Knot, Harry Garretsen, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Laurens Jan Brinkhorst24 August 2012
Publication Brakman and Garretsen: Increased Labor Mobility and China’s Economic Geography09 August 2012
Tamás Vonyó wins global dissertation prize from International Economic History Association23 July 2012
Harry Garretsen benoemd in RvC Waarborgfonds Sociale Woningbouw18 July 2012
Professor Ruud Teunter: ‘Higher profits with less stock’12 July 2012
Kathleen Vohs appointed honorary Professor of Experimental Consumer Research09 July 2012
FEB economists predict medal ranking in London: 8 gold medals for the Netherlands06 July 2012
NWO grant of one million euro for project on trusting banks06 July 2012
Optimality, flexibility and efficiency for cell formation in group technology05 July 2012
Herman de Jong appointed Professor of Economic History04 July 2012
Interview: Company with one million turnover by second-year student Tom van der Laan02 July 2012
Bert Schoonbeek: "Claiming academic discoveries: publish fast."02 July 2012
ICT studio for enhancing mining enterprise start-ups02 July 2012
Planning in food processing industries29 June 2012
[Video RTL Z] Dirk Bezemer: "Schuld die niet kan worden terugbetaald, kómt ook niet terug"27 June 2012
FEB alumnus Matthijs Bierman elected RUG Alumnus of the Year 201227 June 2012
Prof. Ter Hoeven: "Nieuwe pensioenboekhoudregels tasten vermogen van bedrijven in toenemende mate aan"26 June 2012
"Voorraad: minder is meer", Oratie professor Teunter25 June 2012
Dr Karel Jan Alsem: ‘It’s high time there was more love and nerve in health care’19 June 2012
Bankierseed: bron van nog meer cynisme?19 June 2012
Middle management overestimates itself too12 June 2012
Alumni Symposium “Energie in de Toekomst” 22 juni 2012, aanmelding open12 June 2012
Video online: gastlezing Jan Kees de Jager op 11 juni - Leadership Panel EBF11 June 2012
Modeling behavior in customer relationships for successful CRM11 June 2012
Econometricians welcome professor Mark Watson from Princeton in Groningen11 June 2012
SOM research performance awards for Romeijnders, De Snoo, Dam and Lensink11 June 2012
Computer simulation of group behaviour explains social issues08 June 2012
Football? All economics! Dr. Marco Haan on FEBlog08 June 2012
Studying boards of directors as human decision making groups07 June 2012
Oudere agrariërs richten zich meer op de toekomst dan jongeren06 June 2012
11 juni: Gastlezing Jan Kees de Jager op uitnodiging van economie- en bedrijfskundestudenten04 June 2012
Alumnus of FEB nominee for Young Professional of the Year01 June 2012
Inaugural lecture: On resisting and yielding to temptation31 May 2012
Marketingwetenschapsprijs 2012 voor proefschrift Ernst Osinga29 May 2012
The role of social communication networks in implementing educational innovations in healthcare29 May 2012
Healthwise, a new name for research in Health Care Management & Economics in Groningen29 May 2012
Consumer search has effects on mergers and cartels22 May 2012
NWO Research Talent Grant for FEB researchers16 May 2012
Restoring public trust via electronic government systems10 May 2012
‘Pas op voor de huureconoom!’, waarschuwt Boudewijn de Bruin op FEBlog09 May 2012
Banken moeten klant weer centraal stellen. Prof. Verhoef doet aanbevelingen, topbestuurders banken overwegend positief08 May 2012
FEB alumnus Sven Schmit will start his PhD at Stanford04 May 2012
Simulation of bank behaviour in times of stress03 May 2012
Management accounting informatie: een kwestie van balans?26 April 2012
Pension funds: better governance through more self-reflection25 April 2012
Prof. Peter Leeflang offers FEB a maple in honour of his retirement20 April 2012
"Commissie de Wit en 'de kennis van nu en toen'; zinloos welles-nietes spel," aldus prof. Van Ees20 April 2012
Wubbo Ockels and Director-General of Ministry to give Honours lectures in Sustainable Marketing19 April 2012
Prof. Bert Scholtens: ‘Rutte is obsessed with the economic figures’19 April 2012
EU Trade Commissioner praises research of Groningen economists17 April 2012
"Om recessie te stoppen moet Nederland op regeldieet: helft van de ambtenaren is nodig"17 April 2012
"Financial incentives remain important," says Prof. Hans van Ees on FEBlog12 April 2012
Econometrics student Julieke Hoetz graduates summa cum laude with an average mark of 910 April 2012
PhD research: Dentists loathe to yield authority to dental hygienists05 April 2012
"Do we need the 'real man' in economic models?" professor Brakman asks on FEBlog03 April 2012
Municipal property tax increases more than agreed03 April 2012
International students: University of Groningen the best02 April 2012
"Graduating in times of crisis: negative salary consequences can be mitigated", says professor Brakman29 March 2012
FEBlog: European recession redirects brain drain from north to south27 March 2012
Prof. Boudewijn de Bruin: ‘Incompetent bankers more dangerous than money-grabbing ones’22 March 2012
Greedy bankers & sloppy clients - debate with FEB professors De Bruin and Koetter20 March 2012
Lecture by Roger Dassen, Global Managing Director of Deloitte20 March 2012
‘Fair Bank Guide not complete enough’ says Prof. Bert Scholtens on FEBlog07 March 2012
"Future of the Eemshaven: students are the port managers of tomorrow" Blog Professor Iris Vis02 March 2012
Higher delivery performance by smart order release01 March 2012
Jan Marc Berk to succeed  Klaas Knot as professor of Money and Banking28 February 2012
FEBlog: "The face of the company. Literally."27 February 2012
University Colloquium with ING chairman Jan Hommen: The Future of Banking17 February 2012
Gender and small business growth in Tanzania17 February 2012
Management styles in Burkina Faso and Senegal studied17 February 2012
Evaluation of knowledge claims in organizations16 February 2012
Living expenses rise by 193 euro (5,0 percent) on average16 February 2012
VIDEO BLOG: Tips for the financial sector to increase customer satisfaction (prof Peter Verhoef)14 February 2012
‘Long live the book’, says Prof. Albert Boonstra on FEBlog06 February 2012
Univé new winner of the Customer Performance Awards for best service provider02 February 2012
Dr Dirk Bezemer: ‘The West must put a stop to food speculation’02 February 2012
RUG Education Day on 2 February at the FEB: seminar and Lecturer of the Year Award30 January 2012
Boonstra and Nijstad appointed in editorial boards26 January 2012
‘Social value creation’ sustainable trend in management! According to Professor Verhoef on FEBlog24 January 2012
Contributions to optimization modeling for pension fund ALM19 January 2012
'Measure the impact of economics and business scientists on policy,' says prof Peter Verhoef op FEBlog17 January 2012
2,3 Percent increase living costs large Dutch municipalities13 January 2012
Better control of queues in make-to-order production systems12 January 2012
Terrorism shortens cabinet duration11 January 2012
Prof. Boonstra: ‘IT use in healthcare usually underestimated’10 January 2012
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