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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2011

Dr. Karel de Bakker wint Innovatie Award 201123 December 2011
Damien Power appointed Professor of Global Operations Management23 December 2011
FEB performs well in Economists Top-40 of 201123 December 2011
Norwegian thesis prize for Double Degree in Marketing Student Annika Jubbega22 December 2011
"ECB moet zich garant stellen voor obligaties", dr. Dirk Bezemer op FEBlog20 December 2011
Professor Bert Brock in KNAW Committee 'IT in Secondary Education'20 December 2011
Money cannot buy happiness, but giving makes you happy - FEBlog professor Janka Stoker15 December 2011
Keith Brouthers appointed professor of International Business Strategy13 December 2011
Professor Bert de Brock in Advisory Committee eScience Center13 December 2011
FEBlog - On fake water tasting tests to induce the urge to pee: exciting experiments in consumer behavior research12 December 2011
Socio-economic development in India12 December 2011
DNB President Klaas Knot appointed honorary professor of Central Banking in Groningen06 December 2011
Stuart Bunderson honorary professor of Group and Organization Management06 December 2011
Prof. Dolfsma on FEBlog: ‘Dutch academic world sells itself short by comparing itself to the US’05 December 2011
Website Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies launched02 December 2011
Huiseigenaren gaan meer betalen voor droge voeten01 December 2011
Nominations for scientific Customer Performance Awards 2012 made public30 November 2011
Grant of € 145.000 for Timmer and Inklaar28 November 2011
‘Recession? More money to advertising and special offers’, says Prof. Bijmolt on FEBlog24 November 2011
Prof. Maarten Allers: ‘Local government funding unnecessarily complex and inefficient’24 November 2011
Gemeenten krijgen meer uitkeringen dan nodig24 November 2011
Leadership and diversity in large multinationals17 November 2011
NBA lock-out: a poker game between basketball players and the union, says prof. Koning on FEBlog14 November 2011
Successful HRM network conference brought 200+ participants to Groningen14 November 2011
IFM students winners of International Finance Battle!10 November 2011
Northern Netherlands energy sector meets students at Energy Internship and Career Plaza on 23 November08 November 2011
Cokky Hilhorst and Rafael González winners of Aart Bosman Prize 2011 for best IT PhD research04 November 2011
Public lecture 9 November: "Fighting Financial Fires: An IMF Insider Account"03 November 2011
‘Doping an inherent part of top sport’, says Prof. Ruud Koning on FEBlog01 November 2011
Jaap Wieringa appointed professor of Research Methods in Business01 November 2011
Presentation of the Aart Bosman IT PhD thesis prize 2011 on 4 November01 November 2011
IFM alumnus Vava Angweny and her sustainable Kenyan coffee company finalist in BBC World Challenge – voting open!28 October 2011
Workshop lean manufacturing and company visit with international ‘productivity guru’25 October 2011
‘Pension funds will go under unless drastic changes are made to allowances, age and investment policy’, according to Prof. Scholtens on FEBlog21 October 2011
System effects of bank crisis underestimated20 October 2011
Cause & effect in empirical macroeconomics, a Nobel Prize-winning subject20 October 2011
How to attract or discourage consumers? Relevant new research results at marketing conference18 October 2011
Sense or nonsense? Verhagen’s top sectors18 October 2011
Why academics fly around the world with their new scientific conclusions14 October 2011
Inaugural lecture - Operations management in context: Practice and practices11 October 2011
4 Mile Run Groningen: FEB teams in 141st and 371st place of 887 company teams10 October 2011
“Our lab provides some interesting data on business and organizational behavior”, states Dr. Jordan on FEBlog07 October 2011
Planning and scheduling in process industries07 October 2011
New professor of Regional Economics Paul Elhorst: ‘Dutch labour system unfavourable to unemployment’07 October 2011
Elsevier: Students mark University of Groningen number 1 in the Netherlands05 October 2011
Just what do academics do?! A glimpse into the Ivory Tower by dr. Jennifer Jordan on FEBlog04 October 2011
Ig Nobel Prize for FEB’s Debra Trampe: ‘People who badly need to pee are less impulsive when making decisions’03 October 2011
Successful visit of Al Gore30 September 2011
Lectures and Debate: “Student 2.0 - The Impact of New Ways of Working on University Spaces"29 September 2011
Lecture: 'Is Greece Europe's Trojan Horse?' - with Prof Varoufakis (U of Athens) and FEB's prof. Koetter27 September 2011
FEB student discovers: 'Firing a football coach has no effect on the stock market', now on FEBlog27 September 2011
Higher retirement age harms economy23 September 2011
Prof. Ruud Koning: ‘Dutch clubs sidelined by power relations within football industry’22 September 2011
'Cabinet policy impairs Dutch economic growth capacity', says Professor Flip de Kam on FEBlog22 September 2011
Grant and Best Paper award for FEB researchers22 September 2011
"‘Prinsjesdag' not looking very hopeful for SME", Dr Maryse Brand states on FEBlog13 September 2011
‘ASN Cheese Fund not cheesy at all’, professors Scholtens and Spierdijk argue on FEBlog13 September 2011
FEB Prof. Peter Leeflang: ‘Marketing in practice still not profiting enough from academic research, and vice versa’13 September 2011
Microfinance as a socially responsible investment09 September 2011
Opening FEB Academic Year: Award winners and pictures09 September 2011
Potential cartel of Amsterdam universities: fixed tuition fees. How to prevent this?09 September 2011
Inaugural lecture Roszbach: "Monitoring monitors"09 September 2011
Executive Master of Business Valuation: Duisenberg school of finance and University of Groningen start cooperation08 September 2011
Economics and Business rises in 'Shanghai Ranking' (ARWU) from 101st to 76th position07 September 2011
Dr Gjalt de Jong: ‘Reduce the regulatory burden that’s making the Northern economy so vulnerable’07 September 2011
Rinnooy Kan (SER) and Van der Feltz (Google) to open academic year of Faculty of Economics and Business in Groningen05 September 2011
"Demanding universities to shift focus to short-term and practical economic goals is not the solution", says prof Dolfsma05 September 2011
Process improvement for engineering and maintenance contractors02 September 2011
"All scientific knowledge for free and online available", says prof Boonstra on FEBlog01 September 2011
How an aversion to uncertainty can make a financial crisis worse31 August 2011
AACSB accreditation puts Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business among global top 5% of business schools30 August 2011
"There is danger in the inevitability of fast technological development", says prof Dolfsma on FEBlog29 August 2011
Worsening budget deficit could decrease chance of 'double dip', according to prof De Kam on FEBlog22 August 2011
New students arriving at the University and the Faculty, start of the new academic year is near!16 August 2011
Revolutions - New FEBlog by Wilfred Dolfsma29 July 2011
PhD student Drupsteen wins EurOMA Award, Petkova runner-up21 July 2011
Is the euro-crisis really a clash of civilizations? - New FEBlog by Robbert Maseland18 July 2011
Nobel laureate Al Gore to open EBF Conference in Martiniplaza18 July 2011
Entrepreneurs on Twitter: #daretogive - New FEBlog by prof Wilfred Dolfsma15 July 2011
AACSB accreditation puts Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business among global top 5% of business schools12 July 2011
Development of democratic debate in Europe provides ample reasons to doubt beneficial effects of social media - new FEBlog by Dr Robbert Maseland12 July 2011
Sven Schmit best FEB student of the year12 July 2011
Transformational and participatory leadership styles lead to a well-balanced, change-oriented work environment11 July 2011
E-bike not really sustainable – new FEBlog by Professor Laura Spierdijk07 July 2011
€ 210.000 for research on sustainability and energy in historical perspective by economist Ben Gales07 July 2011
Violent conflict has long-term impact on individual behavior06 July 2011
FEB professors Verhoef and Bijmolt appointed by European Marketing Academy (EMAC)05 July 2011
Laurens Sloot professor by special appointment in Retail Marketing05 July 2011
'Sustainable money' - new FEBlog by Professor Bert Scholtens04 July 2011
Robbert Maseland wins first Gratama Science Award04 July 2011
Understanding objectivity in information system evaluation01 July 2011
Harry Garretsen and Peter Leeflang appointed to editorial board of top journals30 June 2011
"Wasted food miles: my year-long diet of strictly Groningen produce" (New FEBlog)30 June 2011
SOM research performance awards for Yu Shu, Umed Temurshoev, Robbert Maseland and Peter Leeflang28 June 2011
Nieuwe FEBlog: Geef elke Nederlander bij de geboorte een MSc titel!27 June 2011
Effective monitoring and control with intelligent products24 June 2011
New FEBlog entry: Are micro savings and insurance even more important than microcredit?21 June 2011
Grant for research Dirk Bezemer on financial growth versus crisis21 June 2011
Sales of generic drugs could be much higher20 June 2011
New: FEB economists and business specialists blog on news and research14 June 2011
Conference: Does microfinance work or not?08 June 2011
Competition and strategic behavior in energy markets06 June 2011
Risk management helps IT projects03 June 2011
Paula van Veen-Dirks appointed professor of Management Accounting31 May 2011
First double degree PhD graduate FEB and Chinese Academy of Sciences: Jiang Xuemei30 May 2011
Prof. Albert Boonstra: ‘Large-scale IT projects doomed to failure’24 May 2011
FEB professor Klaas Knot to succeed Wellink as president of DNB20 May 2011
Econometrics student graduates summa cum laude with an average mark of 9.719 May 2011
Inaugural lecture: Harmony between technology and organization prerequisite for successful IT project19 May 2011
Failed mergers often caused by overconfident managers11 May 2011
Modelling and analysis of human collaboration processes in organizations09 May 2011
Voluntary disclosure of corporate performance targets06 May 2011
Worldwide media covers research: "Power increases infidelity, also among women"03 May 2011
Punishing and rewarding especially when the costs are high29 April 2011
Maarten Bosker and Harry Garretsen win Martin Beckmann Prize 201126 April 2011
Production spread over several countries: new research shows who profits19 April 2011
Understanding crowd behaviour18 April 2011
Best paper award for emeritus FEB professor Jan van Helden15 April 2011
Trade credit in the rice market of the Mekong Delta14 April 2011
Conference: Young economists from around the world to gather in Groningen12 April 2011
Quality management in the Pangasius fish export supply chain in Vietnam08 April 2011
Cointegration, long-run structural modelling and weak exogeneity30 March 2011
Unique: municipal taxes increase less than inflation; water taxes do rise30 March 2011
Digital medium for communication helps students share their knowledge in class28 March 2011
Inaugural lecture professor Nijstad: Difficult decisions23 March 2011
Dries Faems appointed professor of Innovation and Organization09 March 2011
Influence of Chamber of Commerce in post-Soeharto Indonesia still marginal04 March 2011
Harry Garretsen new dean Faculty of Economics and Business as of 1 March 201101 March 2011
Living expenses rise by 39 euros due to higher energy costs22 February 2011
Platform strategy for complex products and systems21 February 2011
EBF Leadership Panel with former general Dick Berlijn, 17 February, 4pm17 February 2011
Excellent results for FEB Research Master in 'Keuzegids': top 10 of 600 programmes15 February 2011
Wubbo Ockels and Director-General of Ministry to give Honours lectures in Sustainable Marketing15 February 2011
The hedge fund return puzzle10 February 2011
Fiscal disparities and intergovernmental transfers in Tanzania08 February 2011
To determine the best location for new retail stores07 February 2011
Dr. Jaap Wieringa wins University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Web Award!04 February 2011
Dr. U. Yeliz Eseryel wins Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award03 February 2011
Business symposium with international ‘productivity guru’ Rajan Suri01 February 2011
Winners of the Customer Performance Awards: IKEA wins best customer performance, Super de Boer comes last01 February 2011
Boudewijn de Bruin appointed Professor of Financial Ethics01 February 2011
PhD's about Indonesia: public sector performance and dynamics of industrial clusters25 January 2011
Public organizations could improve and reduce their overheads21 January 2011
Iris F.A. Vis appointed as Professor of Industrial Engineering20 January 2011
Kees Jan Roodbergen Professor of Quantitative Logistics20 January 2011
Households in large municipalities to pay 1.3% more18 January 2011
Significant reductions of throughput times can be achieved17 January 2011
FEB Professor Garretsen in Deutsche Bundesbank Evaluating Committee11 January 2011
Maarten Allers appointed Professor of Economics of Sub-National Governments10 January 2011
New approach to operational planning07 January 2011
Interview Debra Trampe in New York Times: "Beauty product ads make women feel ugly"06 January 2011
Inaugural lecture professor De Waard: Assessment of sustainability reports06 January 2011
Understanding Financial Crisis Through Accounting Models04 January 2011
Speed skater and FEB student Thijsje Oenema wins Dutch 'kortebaan' skating championship01 January 2011
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