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Ward Romeijnders wins Gijs de Leve Prize 2015-2017 for the best PhD thesis on the Mathematics of Operations Research

18 January 2018
Ward Romeijnders

Ward Romeijnders has been awarded the Gijs de Leve Prize 2015-2017 for his PhD thesis Total variation error bounds for convex approximations of two-stage mixed-integer recourse models. The Gijs de Leve Prize is a very prestigious prize, awarded by the LNMB (the Dutch network on the Mathematics of Operations Research) for the best PhD thesis in the Netherlands on the Mathematics of Operations Research over the last three years. De Leve is considered the founder of operations research in the Netherlands.

Romeijnders received this prize at the annual conference of the LNMB in Lunteren. The jury applauded the high quality of his thesis, containing approximation results for a class of notoriously difficult optimization problems within the field of Stochastic Programming.

NWO Veni grant

Romeijnders is assistant professor within the department of Operations at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. His research is focused on stochastic mixed-integer optimization problems, a class of problems that can be used to support decision making under uncertainty for a wide range of applications in, e.g., engeneering, logistics, energy, and finance. Recently, Romeijnders obtained an NWO VENI grant for his project titled Planning for the unknown. Towards optimal decisions under uncertainty.

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