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Julia Storch proclaimed NWO Research Talent 2018

Grant for research into healthier choices in the supermarket
26 June 2018
Julia Storch

Marketing researcher Julia Storch has been selected by NWO as its Research Talent 2018. The election offers her the chance to conduct PhD research on the role emotions play in healthy or unhealthy choices when grocery shopping. The successful proposal is called: Mixed Feelings, Mixed Baskets – How Shopping Emotions Drive the Healthiness of Shopping Baskets.

The Research Talent funding programme is intended for outstanding students in the Behavioural and Social Sciences. Awards are based on degree programme followed, course units followed, results and academic activities. ‘Julia is definitely an outstanding student’, says Prof. Koert van Ittersum, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Wellbeing. He proposed Storch to NWO and will be her primary supervisor.

Helping consumers make healthier choices

‘Obesity is increasing across the globe, and is a major source of concern. Supermarkets are the key focus of my research since a “healthy” shopping basket is a prerequisite for a healthy diet. If we can help consumers to make healthier choices in the supermarket, this may help us to curb the obesity epidemic’, says Storch. ‘In my research, I investigate how the healthiness of shoppers’ choices evolves over grocery shopping trips, and how the emotions shoppers experience throughout this process shape their decisions. My overarching research agenda is to develop a real-time shopping feedback system to help shoppers make healthier choices based on our insights.’

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