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Ward Romeijnders runner-up Stochastic Programming Student Paper Prize

06 July 2016
Ward Romeijnders
Ward Romeijnders

Ward Romeijnders was selected as runner-up (out of 24 contestants) for the Stochastic Programming Student Paper Prize. He won the second prize for his paper entitled ‘A Convex Approximation for Two-Stage Mixed-Integer Recourse Models with a Uniform Error Bound’ with co-authors Rüdiger Schultz (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Maarten van der Vlerk and Wim Klein Haneveld. The prize was awarded during a special session at the triennial International Conference on Stochastic Programming in Búzios, Brazil.

‘Mixed-integer recourse models combine the modeling power but also the difficulties of data uncertainty and discrete decision variables’, says Romeijnders, Assistant Professor with research expertise Stochastic Programming at the Faculty of Economics and Business. ‘These very general models have a wide range of applications, but are extremely difficult to solve. In this paper, approximations to mixed-integer recourse models are developed that have desirable properties for computational purposes. Moreover, circumstances under which these approximations are close are identified.’

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The awards ceremony at the International Conference on Stochastic Programming.
The awards ceremony at the International Conference on Stochastic Programming.
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