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Successful consultancy collaboration FEB and Law students

13 June 2016
Dactari veterinarians appreciate students advice

For the first time, students of the Faculty of Economics and Business worked together on a real-time research consultancy project with students from the Faculty of Law. The question at hand was issued by veterinarian cooperation Dactari. Last week the students involved presented their findings during the Dactari members meeting.

Changing regulations require innovation

Over the recent years the working environment of veterinarians has changed significantly. Veterinarians are confronted with a variety of legislative, fiscal and economic matters, like contracting by pay-roll or in a partnership, specializing, intensifying cooperation and acquisition by international chains. These external changes lead to uncertainties about the most optimal legal and organizational structure for their practices. This was the essence of Dactari's question with which they approached the University of Groningen and ask for advice.

Multidisciplinary approach

This dynamic issue triggered the University to involve multiple faculties in this matter and let them work together with a multidisciplinary approach. After careful consideration students Alexander Boksma (Business Law), Kirsten Nijland (Fiscal Law) and Bart van der Wielen (Business Administration) were selected to come up with recommendations. They developed a model to help Dactari decide upon a new legal structure. Their findings and their advice to work with a specific ‘decision tree’ was presented Wednesday 8 June at the Dactari members meeting.

A peek into practice

The Dactari case is the first of its kind to have Economic and Business students work together with Law students. A logical development according to Jaap Dijkstra, Director of Education at the Faculty of Law: “This assignment offers students a peek into their future professional practice. Because organisational matters are rarely solved from a single perspective. With this collaboration we emphasize the importance of looking at problems from different angles and knowledge areas towards our students.”

Holistic advice

Henk Faber and Gert Haanstra, both linked to the Faculty of Economics and Business as organisational / marketing advisors, guided the project: “Because of the special formation of the advisory team, students got the opportunity to learn from each others study fields. At the same time Dactari could count on a valuable, holistic advice. The best thing of the project is that in the meantime Dactari presented some new matters that they would like our opinion on. This shows that they value and rely on the quality that we as a University and our students as individual talents deliver.”

For more information please contact:

Karin Koster
Project Leader Communications, Career Services and Corporate relations

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