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Register for our free online course: Decision-Making in a Complex and Uncertain World | Start 5 September

Register now for the new, updated, run of this successful MOOC
18 augustus 2016
Key Lecturer, professor Lex Hoogduin

Our Decision Making course has made it into the top-50 MOOCs of all time by Class Central. Read reviews . The 2016 edition has received a major update with added content on agent-based modelling, entrepreneurship and city planning. See #FLComplexity on Twitter

Your career, your studies and your personal life: they’re all about taking decisions. However, the world is complex, circumstances are uncertain and possible consequences are often difficult to anticipate. Learn to enhance your decision-making skills in a free online course (MOOC) at the University of Groningen (UG).
Key lecturer: professor Lex Hoogduin, economist.

Dealing with complexity and uncertainty is a new, exciting and multidisciplinary field of study. The lecturers in the online course are economists, behavioural experts, biologists, planning experts and sociologists, who can tell you all about how to tackle major and minor decisions. Participants watch lectures, take part in group discussions, work on case studies, take quizzes, write assignments, receive feedback etc. All online.

Free of charge | Start: 5 September 2016 | 7 weeks | approx. 5 hours per week | certificates available

Anyone should be able to participate in course. However, basic knowledge of economic, financial institutions, mathematics and logic will be helpful. The course will be taught at undergraduate level.

When you follow the MOOC, you:

  • learn about the cutting-edge academic theories of complexity and uncertainty and better understand the world around you
  • study online in an interactive, social and flexible setting
  • develop leadership qualities and add a high-quality academic course to your CV

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