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Grant of 300.000 for research of Faems and Estrada on innovation

21 januari 2016

Dries Faems and Isabel Estrada of the Innovation Management & Strategy department have received a € 300.000 grant from the European Investment Bank, together with colleagues from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Institute of Management) and KU Leuven (Research Division INCENTIM).

They received the grant within the EIBURS programme for the period 2015-2018 to conduct research on the topic “How can larger organisations also be innovative organisations?”

The research team will apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to come up with solutions that large firms can apply to balance exploration and exploitation in their innovation strategies. Faems and Estrada are responsible for the case study part of this research project.

The EIBURS programme is an initiative of the EIB (European Investment Bank). The EIB University Research Sponsorship (EIBURS) programme supports research conducted by EU research institutions on topics of major interest to the EIB. Grants are awarded through a competitive process and support research projects for a period of three years.

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