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Best Reviewer Award for Frank Walter and Floor Rink

08 September 2016
Floor Rink
Floor Rink

Frank Walter and Floor Rink both won an ‘Reviewer Award 2016’ from the Academy of Management Journal at this year’s Annual Academy Meeting. Each year the editors recognize reviewers who excel in their work and hence provide outstanding service to the journal.

The paper ‘Task conflict asymmetries: effects on expectations and performance’ authored by Frank De Wit, Manuela Barreto, Karen Jehn and Floor Rink published in The International Journal of Conflict Management also received an ‘Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence’, for being one of the most highly commended papers in 2016.

The purpose of this paper was to examine the effects of asymmetric perceptions of task conflict (i.e. one person experiencing more conflict than the other) on the anticipated relationship with the partner, as well as subjective and objective performance. Results show that when individuals realize that they have asymmetric task conflict perceptions, they have lower expectations about having a positive relationship with their partner and perform worse compared to when they have symmetric task perceptions (i.e. both experiencing either low or high levels of conflict).

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