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Elsevier survey 2016 best FEB programmes: Econometrics, Business Administration, International Business, Supply Chain Management and Marketing

04 October 2016

Three of our four Bachelor's programmes were voted best programme by students, and all four are in the top 3, according to the Elsevier national survey. Of our Master's programmes the big winners are the MSc Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (80% (very) satisfied students), MSc Supply Chain Management (79% satisfaction score) and MSc Marketing (76%).

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Results FEB Bachelor’s programmes:

Results FEB Master’s programmes

Satisfaction scores and ranking of our Master's programmes with more than one similar programme in the Netherlands:

  • MSc EORAS: score 80%, rank #1 of 3. See ranking EORAS
  • MSc Supply Chain Management: score 79%, rank #1 of 3 . See raking SCM
  • MSc Marketing: score 76%, shared rank #1 of 2 . See ranking Marketing.
    check also the scores of similar programmes in marketing management and marketing research
  • MSc HRM: score 67%, rank #1 of 2
  • MSc Finance: score 68%, rank #2 of 4
  • M Sc Business Administration: score 69%, rank #2 of 7
  • MSc Economics: score 67%, rank #5 of 6
  • MSc International Economics and Business: score 69%, rank #2 of 2

Other MSc programmes with no similar programme in the Netherlands:

  • MSc Research Master Economics and Business: score 75%
  • MSc International Business & Management: score 70%
  • MSc International Financial Management: score 64%
  • MSc Technology and Operations Management: score 69%
  • MSc Accountancy & Controlling: score 67%

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