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FEB EORAS student Anke Konst wins 4,000 euro scholarship

13 July 2015

Anke Konst, Master student in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) at the Faculty of Economics and Business has won a scholarship worth 4,000 euro’s, offered by Slimstock. “An honour”, says Anke, who will use the scholarship to start the teacher training master in mathematics.

The company Slimstock offers solutions for the structural optimisation of inventory, and awards scholarships to boost master careers. Anke Konst was nominated by her professor Ruud Teunter, who saw Anke finish the course 'Supply Chain Optimization' with grade 10. In 2014 FEB student Dennis Prak also won a scholarship by Slimstock.

Congratulations Anke! What was your reaction when you heard you actually won?

My hands were shaking as I thanked the woman on the phone, who told me the news. After I'd hung up, I jumped up and down for like 5 minutes. I couldn't believe it that Slimstock actually agreed that I deserved this scholarship. Both an honour as well as a financial windfall.

What appeals to you most, in this area of expertise you excel at, e.g. supply chains and optimization?

I like solving puzzles and I love mathematics. Operations Research combines this for which I am now able to solve complex problems by puzzling and calculations. It is very applicable to real life problems, i.e. creating more efficient production processes, finding the shortest path for vehicles to deliver packages as well as controlling inventory such that the optimal balance between costs and customer service is reached.

Of course companies are very interested in reducing costs and therefore finding a job is particularly easy for an EORAS master student.  

What will you do after graduating in EORAS?

I would like to start with the Master teacher training in Mathematics ("LVHO Wiskunde"). From what I experienced with my fellow econometricians, is that even though the models we use are very smart and innovative, communication is the key. If you can't explain your model and ideas, they probably will never be accepted by for example a board of a large company.

Therefore I want to improve my didactic and communication skills to actually implement the econometric models I learned during my studies. I will finance the master with the scholarship I won.

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