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Elsevier student survey: top scores for all BSc’s and MSc’s. Biggest winners: Econometrics, Economics, Finance and Business Administration

02 October 2015

Two of our four Bachelor's programmes were voted best programme by students (all four are in the top 3), according to the Elsevier national survey. The BSc in Econometrics and Operations Research is number one out of six similar programmes in the Netherlands and the BSc Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration) ranks number one out of four.
Of our Master's programmes the big winners are the MSc Finance (78% (very) satisfied students) and Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (81% satisfaction score): they both come in first out of three, and Economics (79% satisfaction score) which is number one of six.

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The highest scores are for the MSc Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS). Of these students, 95% especially appreciate their lecturers, 84% the design of the programme and 84% the teaching methods. Check the EORAS ranking here . For Finance the lecturers (82%), the facilities (80%) and the design of the programme (79%) score noticeably higher than the competing programmes in Finance at other universities. The highest scores of the MSc in Economics were achieved in the categories organization & communication (90%) and assessment (86%). Check the results.

All FEB Bachelors in top 3

While the two number one BSc programmes of FEB attract high satisfaction scores, the other two are ranked in the top as well: our BSc International Business ends in second place out of six similar programmes and the BSc Economics and Business Economics comes in third out of 10 similar programmes in the Netherlands.

The BSc in Business Administration is number one , according to students. On five of the six categories in the survey, ‘Groningen’ scores higher than competing programmes in Business Administration at other universities in the Netherlands. The other number one, the BSc in Econometrics and Operations Research of FEB, scores especially high in the categories lecturers and examination.

·         BSc in Econometrics and Operations Research (71%, #1 of 6)

·         BSc Bedrijfskunde/Business Administration (67%, #1 of 4)

·         BSc International Business (64%, #2 of 6)

·         BSc Economics and Business Economics (69%, #3 of 10)

FEB Master’s programmes

Satisfaction scores and ranking of our Master's programmes with more than one similar programme in the Netherlands:

  • MSc EORAS: score 81%, rank #1 of 3
  • MSc Finance: score 78%, rank #1 of 3
  • MSc Economics: score 79%, rank #1 of 6
  • MSc Business Administration: score 67%, rank #2 of 6
  • MSc HRM: score 68%, rank #1 of 2
  • MSc International Economics and Business: score 70%, rank #1 of 2
  • MSc Marketing: score 71%, shared rank #1 of 2
  • MSc Supply Chain Management: score 67%, rank #2 of 3

Overall satisfaction cores of our unique MSc programmes:

·         MSc Research Master Economics and Business: score 75%

·         MSc International Business & Management: score 69%

·         MSc International Financial Management: score 64%

·         MSc Technology and Operations Management: score 69%

·         MSc Accountancy & Controlling: score 61%

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Last modified:29 January 2016 5.50 p.m.

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