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FEBtastic Students | Karishma & Munira

27 oktober 2017

Hey everybody!

We are Karishma and Munira and we would like to share our experience at FEB. We are from the United Arab Emirates and Kenya and we are currently in our first year of our BSc Economics and Business economics . Originating from distant, non-European countries studying at FEB has been a very unique experience for us.

Karishma & Munira at FEB
Karishma & Munira at FEB

Before we were able to study at FEB we had to participate in a foundation program called HISC. During this program we followed classes to prepare us for studying at the University of Groningen as we did not meet the requirement to enroll yet. We met each other during this HIC program because we stayed in the same accommodation and by coincidence we were in the same SPAA-group when we started at FEB!

We chose to come to the University of Groningen because of its good reputation and its high placing in the world rankings. In addition, the price of studying is relatively cheap compared to other universities. The Netherlands is known for having very nice, welcoming and open minded people which we also factored in to our decision. We greatly appreciate the equality between people in the Netherlands, there are many opportunities for women to succeed.

Hanging out with friends
Hanging out with friends

We really like the city of Groningen because it’s very student orientated, there are many other students, which has resulted in meeting a lot of people from our age-group. We love to go out in the city center, the market is really nice and there is always something going on. The atmosphere is really great here, especially the night-life. We live close to the Faculty and also quite close to the city center. We were very lucky because SSH student housing, an organisation that helps international students with accommodation, offered us accommodation right away.

The first thing we noticed arriving in the Netherlands was the weather. Coming from climates that are very warm, it’s a very big change to live in the Netherlands! The weather can be very bi-polar; it can be sunny in the morning and later in the day it could be raining. We were freezing when we arrived, the first thing we did was go to the store to get some winter clothes because we did not have any.

Having fun with friends!
Having fun with friends!

The first week of university was quite a shock, we didn’t know what to expect but at the same time everything went pretty smoothly. We met a lot of new people through the introduction week and we had a very nice SPAA- group. The first SPA-meeting was a bit nerve wrecking considering we didn’t know anyone yet, but after some time we got to know other people. We started with the study material right away, this was quite a shock considering we were still adapting to the new environment. We had practicals and quizzes right from the start which was quite intense, the increase of workload from our previous study was big. Luckily, we had great student assistants who were able to help us out. The students assistants were very open for questions and were highly involved, we haven’t had something like that before in our previous education. Furthermore, FEB offers us way more resources than in our previous education, there are loads of places to study and there are a lot of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. Last but not least; there is a coffee machine in almost every corner!

Karishma and Munira

Enjoying the Groningen night life
Enjoying the Groningen night life


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