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RM Thesis Presentations

When:Fr 06-09-2013 at 09:00

RM Thesis Presentations

09.00 hrs.: Xianjia Ye (GEM). Title: Industrial structural change and labour upgrading when production is internationally fragmented.

10.15 hrs.: Yang Jiang (EEF). Title: Asymmetric information and mandatory social annuitization.

11.30 hrs.: Manolis Michelakakis (GEM). Title: Altruistic punishment vs. altruistic compensation in case of injustice: What is the role of empathy?

14.00 hrs.: Andreas Katsikidis (GEM). Title: A study on the role of social trust and the welfare state in equalization of incomes.

15.15 hrs.: Chao Wang (EEF). Title: International portfolio diversification using parametric portfolio policies.