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Why follow an honours programme

Following the Honours Bachelor Programme is a great way to prepare for your next step after completing your studies, whether this involves continuing with a Master’s degree programme or trying your might in the job market.

As you can read in greater detail in the section Student Testimonials, the different components of the Honours Bachelor Programme will allow you to both expand your knowledge of your subject area and to explore your talents in areas that extend beyond that.

The courses, workshops and activities of the programme will facilitate the development of important research and professional skills. They will introduce you to more advanced material than your regular courses, will help you expand your critical thinking and learn to work more independently. You will have first-hand experiences in conducting and analyzing research by executing small and large-scale research projects.

Beyond the development of skills, the programme will offer you many opportunities to interact more closely with faculty members and Honours students from the FEB and all other faculties of the University. Furthermore, you will have the option to participate, engage and even organize yourself various leadership activities, such as research and business conferences, discussion fora or field trips.

Upon the completion of your study program, your status as an Honours Bachelor student will be formally recognized with an Honours certificate attached to your diploma.

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