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Request for an individual exception to the TER

If you want to be considered for individual dispensation from a rule of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER), you will have to submit a request to the Board of Examiners of your degree programme. Contact a study advisor for advice.

What exceptions can be made?
  • exceptions to requirements for course or examination registration, study progress requirements, admission requirements for a degree programme or course, etc.
  • (individual) examining at irregular times (outside the fixed examination date and/or time, for example in the event of overlapping exams). Normally only in case of a final course (see below), or in case of overlap in exams at FEB. Extraordinary circumstances do not qualify for an extra resit at our Faculty.
  • extracurricular examinations (another form of examining); this is often referred to as an 'oral exam' but it may also be written.
  • alternative credit allocation for a course.
What are the criteria?

Requests for dispensation will in principle be honoured if there is a question of study delay or study hindrance as a result of demonstrable extraordinary circumstances. In more concrete terms, this means

  • all circumstances that have occurred beyond your control, for example dyslexia, illness, disability, accident, family circumstances, psychological/emotional problems, addiction, material setback or other circumstances of force majeure
  • matters such as pregnancy, top sport status, certain administrative duties, proven exceptional performance
  • educational force majeure
  • final course: see Rules and Regulations, article 8.
  • at all times you will be expected to have made every effort to prevent the delay/hindrance.
What should you do if you want an exception to be made to the TER rules?
  • Describe what the problem is and for which rule you are requesting an individual exception.
  • Motivate your request and indicate which documentary evidence you can produce (on request) to support it.
  • Requests can be submitted by e-mail to
  • Don’t forget to state your personal details (incl. student number, address, etc.) and degree programme. The Board of Examiners may contact the study advisor for advice. You can also ask the study advisor for advice, always ask for advice in case of extraordinary circumstances.
  • In the event of difficult extraordinary circumstances, you can ask the study advisor to submit the request for you. In this case the study advisor will always issue advice to the Board of Examiners.
  • In principle, you will be sent a written decision with justification within six weeks, as well as information about the next step you can take. If your request has been turned down, you will be informed of the possibilities to appeal.
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