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Schedule BSc Economics and Business Economics

General information

  • You can find the schedule of your programma at . Choose Programmes --> Economics and Business --> BSc-EBE-1. All classes of your programma wil be shown. If you have difficulties composing your own schedule, don't worry. This wil be one of the subjects of the Application Practical.
  • On Monday in the Faculty First Week, the group allocation will take place. You will get to know your groupnumber, so you know which tutorials you have to follow the rest of the week.
  • At the Contact&Locations page, you can find more information about the locations where your classes take place. You can find a map of the Zernike Complex and some extra information about the location Stadskerk VBG.

Schedule Monday 1 September

Time Activity Location Explanation
12.00-13.00 Faculty First Week Lecture Aletta Jacobs Building

On Monday you will start with the lecture of the the Faculty Frist Week in the lecture hall of the Aletta Jacobs Building. During the Faculty First Week lecture some general subjects concerning your studies will be elaborated upon. This is also the moment where the group allocation will take place, and during this lecture you will also hear which Application Practical you have to attend.



Lecture Mathematics 5419.0015

Depending on the group allocation, you will attend the lecture mathematics from 13.00-14.00 or from 14.00-15.00.

Schedule Tuesday 2 September

Time Activity Location Explanation
9.00-11.00 Lecture Microeconomics Stadskerk VBG

From 9.00 to 11.00 you will have a lecture Microeconomics at the Stadskerk VBG.

NB: students traveling by bus/foot: there is no near bus stop. Calculate some extra walking time and please do not cross the Groningen Ring Road where no cyclist or pedestrian is allowed. Use the tunnel. The situation is not only very dangerous, you could get a fine too.

The Lecture Location Stadskerk is on the east side of the ring road. When you come from the faculty building, you stay on the east side. But when you come from the west: note that you have to cross the ring road through the tunnel at the Pleiadenbrug!



Application Practical or Booksale Aletta Jacobs Building Between 13.00 and 15.00 the Applications Practicals and EBF Booksale will take place. The group of students is divided in two and the activities are parallel to eachother. Example: When you are not scheduled to attend the first Application Practical, you should collect your books at the EBF Booksale in that hour. Both activities take place in the Aletta Jacobs Building.
17.00-19.00 Lecture International Business for E&BE Aletta Jacobs Building You will end the day with the lecture of the course International Business for E&BE. This lecture will take place in the lecture hal in the Aletta Jacobs Building (also called Collegehal Blauwborgje 4).

Schedule Wednesday 3 - Friday 5 September

During the first days of the Faculty First Week, the group allocation will take place. Thereafter you will know your schedule for the rest of the week. You can compose your schedule at The fact that the remainder of your schedule is not published here does not mean that you do not have education on these days!

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