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Ruben: "Studying energy made me well-prepared to help face the challenge of the energy transition"

Ruben Nooijen
Ruben Nooijen

Ruben Nooijen, intern at Shell
Graduate of MSc Economics and MSc Finance at FEB

"Having developed a strong personal interest in energy during my studies, Economics of Regulating Markets (ERM) was my favorite course of the master's degrees in Economics and Finance. It offers the perfect way to get acquainted with the basics of the different energy systems and how these markets could be regulated effectively. The weekly case studies cover present-day topics and make sure you have up-to-date knowledge about the dynamic energy industry.

Additionally, the course opens up the way to write your thesis in the field of energy as well under the supervision of prof. dr. Machiel Mulder. His knowledge of this complex and exciting topic helped to raise my thesis to an even higher level. There are strong connections with the Energy Academy Europe as well, which allowed me to expand my knowledge even further by taking up a student-assistantship and participating in a field trip to visit several energy companies.

Overall, studying the energy industry as part of my master's degrees at the University of Groningen allowed me to build up the knowledge level to onboard quickly and really make a difference during my internship at Shell. As part of this internship I developed and implemented an analysis to financially optimise the energy supply chain in northwest Europe. I was able to realise actual cost savings by working closely with international teams and by using my experience with optimisation and big data software that I got from writing my master's thesis!

There is no doubt that these multinational energy companies are an invaluable part of shaping the energy system of the future. It is extremely exciting to work in such a dynamic environment and to be able to play a role in tackling the global challenge of the energy transition. I believe that the Energy focus area will offer even more opportunities for students to come well-prepared to help face this challenge."

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