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The Groningen Student Sports Foundation (ACLO) offers students many opportunities for physical training and sports. Students can buy a student sports card (ACLO card) at the sports centre's desk and then participate in most of the activities without further costs. If you have an ACLO card you can also become a member of one of the forty-two students sports clubs that are affiliated with the ACLO. During the ACLO ‘general hours’ students can participate in a number of different sports under the guidance of a trainer or coach. Students wanting to join the ACLO will need to show their student card when registering. There is a special information folder for foreign students.

Address: Groninger Studenten Sportstichting ACLO, Sportcentrum Paddepoel, Blauwborgje 16, 9747 AC Groningen (tel.: 050 363 4641). Email:, website ACLO.

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