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Double degree Master in Management and Business Administration

As a student of the MSc in Business Administration, you have the opportunity to join the double degree programme with Sun Yat-sen Business School, in China. Get a master's degree in management, on top of your master's degree in business administration.

Sun Yat-sen Business School (SYSBS), part of Sun Yat-sen University, is located in Guangzhou and holds the prestigious triple crown accreditation. As part of China’s Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou sits within the world’s largest urban area in both size and population, according to the World Bank.

An image of the Sun Yat-sen University

Degrees awarded

  • MSc in Business Administration, University of Groningen
  • Master in Management, Sun Yat-sen University

Advantages of doing the double degree

  • Improve your job prospects with two master’s degrees from two top business schools
  • Learn to adapt to different environments
  • Discover China's business and social culture
Navid Sadat-Ravazi

'Guangzhou is frequently called the 'working bench of the world'. Due to its economic significance, Guangzhou is a global city full of ambitious internationals. Worldwide trends and innovative products can be found up to a year before they go global. If you need inspiration for a business idea, the only thing you need to do in Guangzhou is to take your bike and go for a ride.'

Navid Sadat-Ravazi, UG and SYSBS alumnus

Programme set up

  • Year 1: MSc in Business Administration at University of Groningen
  • Year 2: Master in Management at Sun Yat-sen University

Year 1: MSc in Business Administration

Gain the knowledge and skills required to deal with complex problems in management. As a student of the MSc in Business Administration, you must first choose a track from the following options:

Year 2: Master in Management

During your time at SYSBS you will complete a customized programme of 30 credits, plus a thesis. As you have already completed the MSc in BA, you will be eligible for an exemption of 14 credits in total.

Semester 1, fall (Sep-Jan)

Semester 2, spring (Mar-Jul)

Standard programme*

An introduction to China


Chinese Language

Micro-Organizational Behavior in the Chinese Context

Negotiation with Chinese

Work, Family and Life in the Chinese and Global Contexts

Possible electives*
Services Management

Strategic Management

History of Economy and Management Thoughts

Financial Management

Theory Research of Undertaking Management

Corporate Governance

Production and Operations Management

*NB: Courses subject to change.


Approximate costs for additional degree at SYSBS: €13 000

  • Tuition: approximately €4000 (30 000 RMB) for the full year
  • Cost of living and additional expenses:
    • Food and on-campus rent (€430/month)
    • Food and off-campus rent (€600-720/month)
    • Return flight, Amsterdam to Guangzhou: €750 minimum
    • Visa: €100
    • Health check in China €75 (needed for residence permit)

Deadline to apply

April 1, for the September intake (only possible intake each year)

Contact person

Thijs Broekhuizen

Frans Rutten and Thijs Broekhuizen of FEB, with Su Qi of SYSBS
Frans Rutten and Thijs Broekhuizen of FEB, with Su Qi of SYSBS
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