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Further opportunities

Study opportunities

The most logical step after gaining your Bachelor’s degree is to improve your career possibilities by continuing your studies in the one-year Master of Science programme in International Economics and Business in Groningen.

In the Netherlands students are directly admitted to the one year Master programme after gaining their Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Excellent students may qualify for the two-year Research Master’s degree programme in IE&B. Both the one-year MSc programme and the Research Master programme at the University of Groningen are highly recommended.

It is also possible to do a PhD in your chosen field at the University of Groningen. You may also wish to qualify for the Master programme in Economics at Fudan University.

Career opportunities

The types of activities and job profiles described below are based on the assumptions that you have graduated with a MSc IE&B degree. The career prospects of double degree graduates (from Fudan and Groningen) are especially advantageous and likely to be in great demand. Having been trained in a multicultural environment, having gained a global perspective on business and economics issues, and excellent social and linguistic skills, double degree graduates have acquired all the necessary tools for a successful career in companies, corporations and other organizations with international markets and wide-reaching contacts.

Your IE&B degree will qualify you for a wide variety of functions in business as well as in (international) governmental organizations. In both cases, an IE&B graduate generally starts off in a trainee position to help develop advice or do analysis.

Possible fields of activity for IE&B graduates include:

  • Analysis of International Markets
  • Managing Organization Design
  • International Monetary Issues
  • International Trade
  • Foreign Investment Strategies
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