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Corporate Master Programme

Frequently Asked Questions - Features & Benefits

Why should I apply for the Corporate Master Programme?
Labour market dynamics are changing, the job market is highly competitive and there is an increasing focus on student ‘employability’. A degree is no longer always enough: employers require transferable skills and competences. Acquiring corporate experience is essential for increasing your employability. The corporate world highly values graduates who can put their knowledge into practice. Initiated by the FEB Careers Company, the Corporate Master Programme is a special careers service that meets this need at a top level. It gives you an opportunity to add exclusive, relevant work experience to your CV and to present yourself as a potential new employee at distinguished organisations.

How does the programme differ from an internship?
There is a distinct difference between the CMP and an internship or traineeship at an organisation. The CMP is an exclusive, high-calibre programme that will further enhance your career prospects. It offers you a unique opportunity to:

  • gain exclusive insights into the day-to-day management of top organisations by giving you access to a mentor at management level and opportunities to sit in on board meetings and/or meet management-level staff
  • develop a high-level professional network, both within your own CMP organisation and with fellow CMP students at other organisations
  • have a fairly short try-out (as opposed to a two-year traineeship) to see whether a particular organisation is a good match for you
  • develop professionally and personally, including one-on-one coaching and training with FEB-certified career coaches
  • take part in a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, where you work with fellow CMP students on an innovative group project. The current CMP students are working on a CSR project for UNICEF.

Will I have access to senior management?
The Corporate Master Programme is set up as a high-level working experience, offering you insights into the day-to-day management of top companies. We have asked participating companies and organisations to include some degree of access to senior management, such as a mentor from the management team, a chance to attend board meetings and/or meet management-level staff . However, this will depend on the job description and the possibilities within the organisation.

What kind of projects will I work on? Can it be completed within the six-month period?
The type of assignment or project you will be working on, depends on the company, job description and position. The companies and organisations participating in the CMP define the assignment, project or job description, ranging from client consultancy, event organisation, marketing projects, quality assessments and analysis activities. They are aware of the six-month CMP timeframe and will take this into account. The FEB career coaches who guide you will support you in setting feasible goals for the six-month period. Examples of positions held by the 2015-2016 CMP students within these organisations include junior consultant, junior quality assurance manager, research assistant and junior fundraiser.

Does the CMP act as direct training for an actual job opening?
This could well be the case since the CMP offers a valuable introduction to several top companies and organisations. It gives you an opportunity to present yourself as a possible future employee and puts you in touch with company management and staff. They will get a chance to work with you and see how you perform on the job. However, the CMP is not a traineeship with a guaranteed job once you have completed the programme. It offers you connections and an introduction – an opportunity, in other words. It is encouraging to know that half of the CMP students taking part in 2015-2016 have already secured a job in the organisation where they are doing their CMP!

Will I receive a CMP degree or diploma?
The CMP is offered as an elective course unit worth 15 ECTS, on top of your MSc degree. When you are awarded your Master’s degree, the CMP course will be mentioned on your degree supplement. You will also receive a CMP certificate signed by both the faculty as the organisation.

What will the certificate say and will it also be signed by the company?
The certificate will be signed by the organisation where you follow the programme. It will state that you completed the Corporate Master Programme, which had identified you as a talented FEB student and enabled you to gain high-level industry experience.

Can the CMP be tied in with my thesis?
No, because it is on top of your Master’s degree, which means that you need to have finished your Master’s thesis before applying for the CMP. The Corporate Master Programme is set up as a career service to enable students to gain practical corporate work experience, focusing on offering advice and support to the daily processes and projects of an organisation.

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