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Corporate Master Programme

Frequently Asked Questions - Coaching

How many hours of coaching will I receive each week?
CMP participants can count on certified career coaches to guide them during the course of the programme. The number of coaching hours depends on the logistics of travel, distance, student availability, etc. You will most likely have to be available for individual and group training and coaching at FEB for an average of two days a month. In addition, the students will send in a report twice a month; each of these reports will be followed up by an e-coaching session based on the report. This may also be followed up with suggested reading. (When you start the CMP, you will receive more detailed information about the content, time investment and organisation of the coaching and training.)

Who are the coaches?
The CMP offers students one-on-one coaching and training by certified career coaches who will support and advise the CMP participants for several hours a month. Sujatha de Poel, a dedicated coach and trainer at the FEB Careers Company, is one of the coaches.

In addition, participating organisations have been requested to appoint someone to act as a mentor to support and guide the student with field-specific questions.

What is the objective of coaching and training?
The objective of the tailor-made CMP coaching and training from FEB is to help and guide you to develop your competences and employability skills. As outlined in the University of Oxford framework, these are:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Planning and organizing
  • Initiative and problem-solving
  • Self-management
  • Customer awareness
  • Other relevant topics

What kind of coaching and training will I receive?
The CMP will provide you with group and individual training and coaching/e-coaching. Participating students will create a Personal Development Plan and assess their own competences and learning goals by means of the MyPlan digital tool, etc. This tool is also used by Harvard University and MIT. Subjects covered include leadership, planning, customer awareness and teamwork.

Who will be my company supervisor/mentor?
This will depend on the company or organisation where you follow the Corporate Master Programme. They will connect you with one of their employees who will supervise and manage you. Depending on the position, you will have one supervisor or be supervised within a team. We have asked participating companies and organisations to include some degree of access to senior management, such as a mentor from the management team, a chance to attend a board meeting and/or meet management-level staff . However, this will depend on the job description and the possibilities within the organisation.

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