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Corporate Master Programme

Frequently Asked Questions - Admission & Selection

Is the CMP open to international students?
Yes. The CMP is aimed at all talented and motivated students from all the FEB Master’s programmes, on top of their MSc degree. This includes international MSc students who meet the selection criteria. On occasions, however, companies or organisations specifically request a Dutch-speaking CMP student.

Who runs the CMP selection procedure?
The FEB Careers Company coordinates the application process through Career ConNEXT and the organisations select the candidates. If the organisation is interested in you, you will be invited for an interview and/or other assessment procedures at the organisation in question.

What does the selection procedure involve?
The CMP is selective, involving a thorough selection procedure. The programme only offers positions to our most talented and motivated students. We will be looking at your grade point average, as well as your motivation for the CMP and your personal and professional skills, such as teamwork skills and personal leadership.

You will be required to provide a CV, an application letter, a transcript of your MSc grades and two references, with at least one from an FEB staff member (we do not require reference letters; simply include the contact details of referees in the CV). If you would like your CV or motivation letter to be checked before you submit them, the FEB Careers Company Student Team will be happy to help. You can find them in the CC room at the Plaza, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

You will be able to upload your application documents into Career ConNEXT as soon as the vacancies (with clear profile descriptions as formulated by the organisations) have been added (as of February). We advise you to complete and/or update your personal profile in Career ConNEXT so we have a clear overview to present to participating organisations. If your application meets the above standards, the FEB Careers Company will send out all the application documents (including your grades transcript) to the organisations, where the selection procedure will continue.

What does the selection procedure of the organisations look like?
The selection procedure differs from one organisation to the next. Some will only require an interview, while others may ask candidates to complete a company-specific assessment procedure.

What makes a student ‘talented’? Do I need to have a certain grade point average?
The CMP selects only the most talented students. We are not only looking at talented students from a GPA point of view though. We are also concerned with motivation, commitment and personal and professional skills, such as teamwork and leadership. However, students with a high grade point average (≥ 7.5) are more likely to be selected.,

How many positions can I apply for? All of them?
Students may apply for two CMP positions. If applying for two, please state in the ‘Student message’ field in Career ConNEXT whether the application is your first or second preference . You should apply for both positions separately and write two separate motivation letters. State which of the two positions you prefer in the Career ConNEXT ‘Student message’ field, not in your motivation letter! All the application documents (including your grades transcript) will be sent to the organisation.

Last modified:11 January 2016 1.49 p.m.