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Welcome, prospective student from Romania!

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Bine a ţi venit la pagina de informaţii destinată studenţilor romani!

Vă mulţumim pentru interesul manifestat Facultăţii de Economie şi Afaceri din cadrul Universităţii Groningen – locul potrivit pentru tine, spre a-ţi continua studiile!

Website-ul iţi va oferi informaţii despre programele universitare de licenţă, de master şi doctorat oferite de către universitate, despre aplicaţie si documente necesare admiterii, viaţa şi studiul în oraşul Groningen, şi multe altele.

Studenţii noştri internaţionali au creat propria lor platforma virtuală “studenţi internaţionali FEB” unde publică despre experienţa lor personală, oferindu-ţi tips-uri şi sfaturi.

De asemenea, puteţi afla mai multe informaţii despre viaţa studenţilor români care au ales să studieze la această Facultate, accesând Facebook.

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Andra, Georgiana and Lorian:

Andra Buca
Research Master Economics and Business

"I decided to accept the offer of the University of Groningen. And it ended up being one of the best decisions I have made until now, because Groningen turned out to be more than I expected. It is a unique feeling to live in a city that seems to be designed for students and student life. All is a nice mixture between hard studying and student activities, between long hours spend in the library and spending time with your friends in the various places Groningen can offer, between study groups for assignments and doing all kind of sports. What I like the most about University of Groningen, is their openness to international students. Seems that you are studying and living with all the world in the same time, as you have professors, colleagues and friends from all corners of the globe. Studying at University of Groningen is not an easy task and requires a study discipline that all the students seem to follow, making the university environment a very well focused and competitive one."
Georgiana Bălău
Research Master Student

"I took the decision to study at the University of Groningen after my sister shared with me her challenging, captivating and enriching experiences as a research master student of the same University. The passion for human resource management area, the international academic environment, the great value added to research and the international reputation for excellence made me choose the Faculty of Economics and Business. In my opinion, the key to excellent achievements for both the students and the University is for students to have high expectations of themselves. Not to mention the professors’ highly supportive and high quality-driven supervision that guides my progress throughout the research master programme. Most of the Dutch people speak English and this makes you feel already integrated within the international atmosphere and start contributing to your own lifetime personal experience. If my motives fit your own professional and intellectual aspirations, I warmly recommend you to come to study at the University of Groningen. This would definitely be your best study choice!"
Lorian Micu

"When I started my student life in Groningen I was studying the same programme at a Hogeschool. Hearing about the IB&M program at RUG, I decided to find out more about this. I was pretty unhappy that the Hogeschool (Applied Sciences) programme I was already in, was taking 4 years and the degree I would receive would be a Bachelor - not a Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts, as you get by studying at a research university.

What convinced me the most to switch to the University of Groningen was the idea of the tutorials,: everybody gets involved in these subject related discussions with colleagues and the tutor who gives you feedback on your ideas. During a tutorial you discuss practical matters from the business and managerial world, express your own opinions, give feedback to your colleagues and get a better understanding of the subjects presented in lectures. Believe me when I say, it is hard not to get more interested and motivated to work harder, know more and bring more important and interesting questions to the discussions. It is a very alive atmosphere during a tutorial, even if sometimes it is the first class on the schedule.

Concluding, I am very glad I made this change and now study at the Faculty of Economics and Businss. This learning system is keeping me motivated to do my best and makes me eager to find out more about the business world."
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