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Welcome, prospective student from Bulgaria!

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Добре дошли в информационната страница за български кандидат-студенти. Благодарим ви, за интереса към факултета по икономика и бизнес на Университета Грьонинген - като потенциално място да продължите образованието си! Сайтът ще ви даде изчерпателна информация за бакалавърски, магистърски и докторски програми, които се предлагат в нашия факултет. Също така, бихте могли да намерите информация за процедурата по кандидатстване, необходимите документи, живота и обучението в Грьонинген.

Нашите международни студенти създадоха собствена виртуална платформа "International Students FEB" , където споделят опита си и биха могли да ви дадат полезни съвети и предложения. Ако искате да разберете защо все повече и повече български студенти избират да учат в нашия факултет, можете да общувате с тях чрез Facebook.

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Andreana and Yana:
Andreana Gosteva
Student of MSc BA Marketing

Groningen gives me the opportunity to acquire an internationally recognizable diploma from an economically advanced EU country. The Netherlands is famous for its tolerance, excellence in education and English-taught programs, so it was more than a perfect destination for me. I chose International Business and Management  for my Bachelor studies  - a very dynamic and flexible study, enfolding numerous opportunities to get involved in the business atmosphere. Now I am specializing in Marketing Management.
Both socially and academically the university and the city are one of the best places for a student to be. The quality of education is excellent, and there is a progressive tendency towards gradual faculty improvements, developments and innovations. There is a lot of emphasis on utilizing knowledge into practice and the students feel quite motivated when given the chance to demonstrate their abilities.
Studying abroad is of course challenge but once a part of the unique student life of Groningen, you to observe many different points of view. Besides, studying with people from different cultures and backgrounds is very valuable: it has made me more open-minded, observant and capable of realizing that everything which is different is full of potential new opportunities. These skills are needed in decision making both in your career and in your personal life in the competitive job market.
Yana Percheva
Student of MSc BA Strategy & Innovation

My name is Yana Percheva and I am coming from Bulgaria. My educational journey started 5 years ago when I decided to study abroad. My primary goal was to study in English and to experience living in an international student environment. Therefore, I chose to study in Groningen because the city, the university and the atmosphere were everything I wished for. My current studies in Business Administration (strategies & innovations) give me the opportunity to broaden my professional knowledge, to meet a lot of different people from all over the world and to experience the international aspects of study abroad.
Laatst gewijzigd:23 januari 2018 12:01