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Vacancies | Closes Monday 29th May | Mentors/ Student Assistants IB, E&BE and EOR (Aug-Oct 2017)

24 mei 2017

Mentors/ teaching assistants wanted for EOR August – October 2017

Are you interested in coaching 1st-year students to settle in and to develop their study skills and a professional academic attitude? Do you have flexibility, perseverance and motivating skills? Have you passed your first year or do you expect to have passed by August 1? Are you proficient and confident in English? Are you available in week 34 or 35 for a three-day training course?

Background information

To encourage students to give priority to studying or decide at an early stage that they prefer another type of study, a mentor system is part of each degree programme in the faculty. Our aim: to stimulate academic integration, to spot bottlenecks at an early stage, to generate a reflective attitude towards studies, studying and study results, and to encourage students to take responsibility for their study progress.

In addition the mentor system aims at supporting measures to increase students’ success rates. This is to prepare first-year students to achieve a positive Binding Study Advice: only those who will have achieved a minimum of 45 ECTS will be allowed to continue with their current degree programme.

Mentors are second or third-year students of the same degree programme (IB mentors for IB first-year students etc) as they have recent experience with the degree programme, and a fresh memory of entering the university. Master students can also apply if they have a Bachelor degree of the same programme that they apply for.

Each mentor group (called Study Performance and Academic Attitudes, SPAA) is also allocated a tutor: a lecturer who will have individual meeting with students to discuss their study performance and progress after each exam period.

Student assistantship

For the role of mentors, the faculty will employ 2nd-year and 3rd-year Bachelor students and Master students.

You will be a mentor from August - October 2017 and will have weekly one-hour sessions with a group of first-year students. Your role is to facilitate them to develop study skills and an effective academic attitude. This requires coaching and group dynamics skills. Preparation and SPAA sessions will take 4 hours per week.

To prepare for the role of mentor and to get guidance throughout the period of assistantship, you take the compulsory 2-EC course Training & Coaching Skills for Mentors in August ( 22-24 August or 29-31 August from 10 – 16 hr. ).

In addition, you will meet with your fellow mentors and the trainer 2x during the first half-semester to monitor your performance and learn on the job.

So your appointment will be a package deal: a paid student assistantship and a 2-EC training course.

-         you study in the same degree programme as the mentorship you apply for,
-         you have completed your first year (or by 1st August latest),
-         and your proficiency in English is above average.

Since integration is one of the aims of the mentor system, we encourage both Dutch and non-Dutch students to apply.

Important information and Application Forms :

-         E&BE students: you will get a double assistantship both as a mentor and a student assistant for the International Business for E&BE tutorials. Click here for application form.
-         EOR: the application procedure is in close cooperation with VESTING. Click here for application form.
-         IB students: if you will go abroad in the second semester you can take this position as the job and the training will be finished in late October. Click here for application form.

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