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Vacancies: Student assistants for Microeconomics E&BE | Consumers and firms

01 mei 2018
Microeconomics: Consumers and firms is a mandatory first-year course for all E&BE students that introduces the students to the basic principles of economics. As a student assistant for this course, your main task will be to give a two-hour practical, together with a fellow student assistant. During the practical, the students try to solve a set of exercises. Your task is to assist them in solving these exercises and to briefly discuss the solutions at the end of the practical. You may also be asked to do some grading.

When: Semester 1.1, 2018-2019, for 4 hours per week

Deadline: 15 May, 2018, 17:00

Who can apply

Anyone who has successfully passed this course. First year students also need their propedeutic diploma as per 1 August 2018. Proficiency in English is required. It is essential that you have high grades on microeconomics and mathematics courses.

How to apply

Send an e-mail to Kimberley Vudinh ( with subject "Student assistant Microeconomics" containing a CV and a list with your grades.

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