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Learning Communities | Playful Leadership

26 mei 2017
Playful leadership

FEB Careers Company organises multiple Learning Communities, in which we facilitate professionals, staff and students of various levels, backgrounds and ages to work together, coach and challenge each other, and enhance each other’s learning experiences. Together with fellow students and professionals, you can dive deep into a topic that has your personal interest or passion to gain more insights and relevant skills.

In the previous block, a group of (international) students from diverse grade levels and professionals participated in the Learning Community "Strategy: Getting Real About Options", which included a workshop called "Playful Leadership" that addressed the challenge of creative problem-solving in a fast-changing world. The aim was to learn that coming up with creative solutions is a structured process and not magic or luck.
the "student chef" team
One of the teams thought of bringing "student chefs" to the canteen, in order to introduce new and international food to the students.

The Challenge

The workshop focused on the case: how might we create a canteen offering great international food to celebrate life and to keep our students energized all day, without raising costs too much? A large number of ideas and solutions were presented, built further on feedback resulting in six prototypes. One of the teams, for example, thought of adding a bar to the canteen where students can even play beer pong! Another idea was to bring "student chefs" to the canteen, in order to introduce new and international food to the students.

The participants experienced that fun and playfulness enhance creativity and productivity, and that linear thinking and desk research alone are not enough to tackle complex topics in our fast-changing world. To read more about the ideas the participants came up with, please click the blue button below.


Would you like to specialize in a specific topic and enhance your learning experience? Then read more about Learning Communities here. Also, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum via .

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