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31 mei 2017
FEB Learning Communities

After summer, you can join new Learning Communities, in which you work together with staff and students of various levels, backgrounds and ages on a specific topic that has your personal interest.

Participating in a Learning Community is an extracurricular activity that will be very valuable in demonstrating your ability to engage in collaborative projects with the corporate world. It enables you to develop specific skills like project management, coaching, tool development, interviewing, negotiating, and networking, which help you to prepare for your future career. In September, there will start at least 7 Learning Communities, of which 5 topics are new.

Due to students’ different educational levels, discussions were more interesting. They learned a lot from the different backgrounds.

- Evaluation reports January 2017

Topics Semester 1 | September 2017

Silicon Vally Expedition

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's largest technology corporations as well as thousands of small startups. Despite the development of other high-tech economic centers throughout the United States and the world, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading center for high-tech innovation and development. During this Learning Community, you will visit Silicon Valley, which will offer a deeper understanding of how Silicon Valley “ticks”. Lecturer involved: Dr. Paulo Marques Morgado

Social Impact Assessment, with focus on Groninger Earthquakes

Substantive information coming soon! Lecturers involved: Dr. Kees van Veen, Dr. Mirjam Wilhelm, Dr. Frank Vanclay

Integrated Reporting for SME’s

This Learning Community aims at acquiring knowledge about what Integrated Reporting is, the best way in which SME’s can integrate the formal message to their stakeholders and applying that knowledge in practice. Lecturer involved: Dr. Teye Marra

Innovations in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Substantive information coming soon! Lecturer involved: Dr. Eelco Huizings

Sustainable City Logistics

There is a strong need for more efficient and sustainable city logistics, in cities with rapidly growing populations. This Learning Community aims to get familiar with complex logistics operations, to learn how to identify specific challenges associated with city logistics and propose solutions, and to get familiar with the new logistics concept of Physical Internet. Lecturers involved: Dr. Wout van Wezel & Dr. Ir. Paul Buijs

New Business Development in Africa (follow up)

Africa is the continent where business is developing rapidly. In several fields we see new and fast going developments (ICT applications, Agricultural field (seed breeding, irrigations, drone techniques for cultivating crops), Energy and the curse of natural resources). It is worth to continuously study these developments in more detail and find out how this will work out. This Learning Community started in April of last semester, but will continue to run through the first semester of 2017-2018. Lecturer involved: Dr. Bartjan Pennink

Programming (follow up)

A continuation of the highly successful Learning Community ‘Programming’. The dual role is to provide an infrastructure for disseminating and preserving programming knowledge within a select group of students at FEB -combined with staff, PhD's and practitioners- and to support research projects in FEB that need a programming effort. Lecturers involved: Dr. Nick Szirbik & Vincent van Veldhuizen

More Learning Communities are under construction now, information about that will be announced on the Student Portal.


Would you like to specialize in a specific topic and enhance your learning experience? Then read more about Learning Communities here. Also, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum via Don t forget to keep an eye on the Student Portal: updated information will be announced there.

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