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Learning Communities | "You get to explore a new topic in just a few weeks."

07 February 2018
Sjoukje Braam & Marieke Zwaan participated in a Learning Community

Not too busy this semester? Dive deeper into a topic of your interest together with students from various backgrounds in one of FEB's Learning Communities! How about practicing with big data, developing a business case, or learning a few more programming skills? Apply until Friday!

Learning Communities help you connect, discover, and practice skills. 'LCs are a great way to dive into a new topic in just a few weeks, meet new people and to build your cv!', states Marieke Zwaan, who participated in several Learning Communities, including Social Impact Analysis, Programming, and Women in Business.

First of all, you get to meet students and staff from various backgrounds and skill levels within multidisciplinary teams. An interesting combination, argues Sjoukje Braam, another LC participant: 'The group dynamic was very inspiring.' Additionally, company visits allow you to meet professionals.

Secondly, you get to know new perspectives on a specific topic of your choice on a more in-depth level. 'At the start of this new academic year I came across the LC on Women in Business, which focuses on diversity management skills. I think this topic is very important when studying business and I missed initiatives like this before. This LC was a nice way to share thoughts on the topic and learn more about it,' says Marieke.

Finally, you get to put knowledge into practice and gain hands-on experience. A nice extension to academic courses, according to Sjoukje: 'I could really learn something through practice and fun.'

Marieke Zwaan & Sjoukje Braam
Marieke Zwaan & Sjoukje Braam


All topics for this semester are on the website. Sign up no later than 9th February!

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