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Creative problem-solving in a fast-changing world | by Lieselotte Nooyen
02 March 2017
Playful Leadership

The workshop

In the new Learning Community Strategy: Getting Real about Options, a group of students and professionals will tackle a real-life problem. However, many participants do not have much experience in a creative way of problem-solving: coming up with new and original solutions might not be easy for them. Do you recognize this issue? If so, this inspiring workshop will make you understand more of the mindset and skills it takes to engage in creating problem-solving. You will experience that linear thinking and desk research alone are not enough to tackle complex topics in our fast changing world and that fun and playfulness are valuable creativity & productivity enhancers!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn that coming up with creative solutions is a structured process and not magic or luck
  • Get insights in a 3-phase process to come up with a new product or service
  • Learn how to apply the steps in your own (business) challenges

This interactive session will be build up with short pieces of background theory an exercise to train the right mindset and then work in groups of 3. This will be repeated several times.


For who: BSc and MSc students at FEB (+ participants of the SGAO learning community)
When: Friday 10 March
Host: Lieselotte Nooyen
Location: FEB Careers Company room, Duisenberg Bld. ground floor

Sign up: send an email to before 7 March 12.00. (only a few positions are left!)

Programme 10 March

10:30 Welcome

11:00 Introduction | Lieselotte Nooyen; The program; Why this way of problem-solving?

11:10 Introduction to Sensing | The exploration of the question, finding user needs and insights, understanding the underlying network structure of our challenge, creating a new How Might We question to start visioning.

12:10 Lunch

12:40 Visioning | Applying lateral and linear thinking to challenge old ways of thinking. 1st phase of visioning is divergent, many and crazy ideas. 2nd phase of visioning: maximum impact and maximum applicability. Visioning end with one or 2 concrete ideas (services or products)

13:40 Break

13:55 Prototyping | Building your idea quick and dirty to get user feedback and iterate on your idea

14:25 Pitch ideas to stakeholders

14:45 Debrief on learnings using ELA model for experimental learning | What did you Experience? What did you Learn from that experience? How might you Apply?

15:15 Closing

Sign up

You can sign up for the workshop by sending an email to Marjan van Ittersum at before 7 March 12.00.

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