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Do you want to improve your programming skills?

13 september 2016
Are you the next Apple prodigy? Or do you just like programming and entrepreneurship? Then you might want to join the Programming Skills Lab Learning Community! Working with senior professionals in the field and boosting your skills and expertise. In a dedicated team you will work on a project for several weeks.

In FEB's learning communities (LC), students of various levels, backgrounds and ages will work together, coach and challenge each other, and enhance each other’s learning experiences in specific fields. Staff, external business relations, and alumni will join and provide support and access to information and resources. For this Learning Community the dual role envisaged is to provide an infrastructure for disseminating and preserving programming knowledge and to support research projects in FEB that need a programming effort. The LC will be organized in a hierarchical way, namely in three separate levels. Students (and PhD candidates) who intensively do programming when working for research projects, will form the Experts Level (EL). Their main goal is to achieve research results. The next level, the Developers level (DL), is formed by the students who participate actively in these programming activities. Their goal is to improve their programming skills, and participate in research at FEB. To enter this level, students have to spend time as Candidates, in the candidates level (CL), when they have to reach the necessary skill to contribute as programmers to the research projects.

When: block 1.1 / 1.2, Sept 2016 - Jan 2017

For: BSc and MSc students at FEB

Main benefits for you:

  • Gaining hands-on experience & perspective
  • Enhancing your skills and insights
  • Getting connected to programmers, entrepreneurs, IT experts
  • Possible acknowledgement in research papers
  • Recognition and recommendations for employment and further education
  • Possible Student Assistantship pay for their effort

You can apply before 16 September via this web form.

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