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Business Research and Consulting | Deadline tomorrow!

23 januari 2018

Want to add some practical experience to your CV and earn 5 ECTS while doing so? Upcoming block, the course Business Research & Consulting is looking for students to work on real-life assignments from clients such as Redbag Europe, Hoomark, Sustainder, Drentea, Preadyz and many more.

  • When: Block 2.1, 2017-2018
  • For : 3rd year BSc and MSc students of all programmes
  • Organisations: Redbag Europe, Hoomark, Sustainder, Drentea, Preadyz and many more
  • Enrol : by filling out a web form on, deadline 25 January 14.00 hrs.

Business Research & Consulting (BR&C) enables you to apply theory and knowledge to practical business matters. The course consists of a research and consultancy project for external businesses by a team of three to four students from various levels and programmes, supervised by a FEB lecturer. For ten weeks you and your team will visit an organisation, investigate their managerial issue and develop and execute a research plan. In the end you will present your findings and possible solutions to the management of the organisation. BR&C is focused on reflecting on actual situations and analytically supporting the advice you offer a client.

'The main skill I developed during this course was to translate my academic knowledge to business practice.'

Gerben Wiersema, student Small Business & Entrepreneurship

What's in it for you?

  • Experience what it’s like to work as a (junior) consultant and find out if this suits you and your ambitions
  • Get insights into actual management issues and apply your knowledge
  • Learn to solve problems from a commercial point of view
  • Learn to meet the needs of your client
  • Get insights into your own skills to better communicate your added value to employers


Do you want to apply for BR&C in block 2.1? Then apply before 25 January at 14.00 hrs.

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