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International Food Fair is looking for.... food

23 juni 2016
Multicultural deliciousness...

Introduce your homeland cuisine to your fellow students!

Would you like to represent your country, and tell students more about your culture? The first day of the Careers Week, 3 October, will be fully dedicated to international experience: working in multicultural teams, getting a career in Holland as an international, international companies sharing their insights, etc. For lunch we will organize an International Food Fair where we will provide 'Hollandse kroketten'. Maybe you can show us your homeland cuisine?

We are looking for students from all over the world who would like to show their co-students where they come from. At the International Food Fair you can prepare something characteristic and bring a costume or objects that symbolize your culture. It would concern cooking or baking a dish or snacks for about (more or less) 50 people and presenting this at a stand at the Plaza on 3 October. We will reward participants with a gift certificate and you will receive compensation for the incurred costs.


You can sign up (alone, or with friends) by emailing Yan Li of the Careers Week team at

Hope to see you at the International Food Fair!

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