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Vacancy | Teaching assistant "stress and sustainable work", HRM&OB course

30 augustus 2018

We are looking for one teaching assistant to prepare the lectures and teach the tutorials of the new course entitled “Stress, Health and Sustainable Working Life”. The course is taught in the master programme within the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The course is coordinated by Dr. Jessica de Bloom.

Your job is to assist Jessica in preparing the course materials, the lectures and the Nestor website before the course starts. But most of your working hours will be spent in week 6 to week 13 (4 February to 29 March 2019) when the course will be given. So, to qualify for this job, you must be available in that period.

You will attend a training for supervising tutorials in autumn 2018. During the course weeks, there will be weekly preparatory meetings and you will supervise two-hour tutorial groups. During each tutorial, student teams will give presentations, do exercises, discuss course materials and can ask questions about the course organization or materials. You will give feedback on their reports. In the end of the course, there will be a mini-conference where students present their final reports. You will be involved in the practical organization of this conference and in grading student presentations and reports after the course.

Job requirements:

•             You are (at least) a third year BA, or a MA student

•             You have successfully completed at least one course in Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior or Work Psychology

•             You can demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and interested in the course topic (e.g., shown by high grades, master choice, and so on)

•             You have good didactical skills, are enthusiastic, and conscientious in your work

•             You are available for about 5-10 hours every week in week 6 to week 13

•             You have a very good command of English (spoken and written)

We offer a temporary position as a teaching assistant for approximately 80 hours. Salary depends on age and year of study.

Applications can be sent (by email) to Mrs. Tineke Teuben, secretary of the Department of HRM & OB ( Include in your application:

•             A letter of motivation (including information about your motivation to apply for this position and why you think you fulfill the above requirements)

•             A current CV

Send in your application before September 15, 2019. Job interviews will be conducted in September.

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