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Save the date for week 40: a step into your future

22 June 2018
Save the date for week 40

Are you almost done with your exams and starting your summer? We hope you did great so you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

But before you leave: have you checked your roster lately…? Noticed there are no lectures in week 40? You might think ‘chill’. You might have planned some quality time at home, or even booked yourself a ticket to the tropics. But guess again…
FEB actually gives you a week off to think about your future!

Why? Because personal development and career preparation are becoming more and more important in finding a job. Students are asking for it and employers require it.

So in week 40 we support you in getting to know the labour market and strengthen your personal profile. Explore the opportunities and tools you need to develop your potential by participating in the Master Activities organised by your own degree programme, the Careers Week and the EBF Conference. You can engage in interesting workshops, meet companies and learn from inspiring speakers.

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