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Kentalis 2016


About Kentalis

Kentalis is a nationwide care and education organization for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, or have a language development disorder.

Throughout the Netherlands, Kentalis has:

  • 20 schools for special education (with around 35 teaching locations)
  • 80 care and diagnostics locations
  • 6 audiology centres
  • over 6,500 pupils, about half of whom receive ambulatory support
  • 7,000 care clients
  • 15,000 audiology patients
  • 4,800 staff

More information about Kentalis

The case

Kentalis' core services are care and education, both of which are developing strongly. New ideas are emerging in these sectors about how care and education can be provided due to changed regulations in both fields.

Kentalis aims to realize 'Appropriate Education' for its pupils, which means that they are taught in as 'regular' an environment as possible. Kentalis also aims to respond to a number of major developments that are currently underway in the care sector, entailing questions such as with whom care provision should be coordinated, and where the care insurer should come in.

Main question: Provide a suitable recommendation how Kentalis should structure its property management (i.e. real estate) in the Northern Netherlands in the coming 5 to 10 years based on the developments in the care and education sectors.

The teams

Participants will be divided into teams of four students. Your team will be competing against the other teams, making this an excellent opportunity to work on your teamwork skills. You will be supervised by Henk Faber, who will challenge your creative and strategic skills. Including the seminars, you will need to commit approximately 8 to 10 hours a week to the Challenge.

General overview of the programme

Seminar Activity
1 Introduction and team-building

Visit Kentalis and experience hearing disability and language difficulties for yourself


Introduction to Dutch healthcare sector by prof. Kees Ahaus


Kentalis: learn more about their real estate needs and situation


Working session at FEB Careers Company and training in presentation skills


Information session with Kentalis at FEB Careers Company


Final presentation by each of the teams, evaluated by a jury including Kentalis board members

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