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Learning Communities | info for staff

In FEB’s learning communities, we facilitate professionals, staff and students of various levels, backgrounds and ages to work together, coach and challenge each other, and enhance each other’s learning experiences. It is an extracurricular activity that will be very valuable in demonstrating students' ability to engage in collaborative projects with the corporate world. It enables them to develop specific skills like project management, coaching, tool development, interviewing, negotiating, networking, which helps them to prepare for their future career.


Do you wish to dive into a specific topic with students, companies or alumni outside your course and classroom? A topic you feel passionate about? Do you want to learn how FEB can help you organise this, including budget and extra time? We invite you to engage in FEB's Learning Communities (LC's), open to all FEB staff. Find out more about Learning Communities and the experience we have at FEB, and share your new ideas on such communities for the nearby future.

Opportunity for lecturers

LC's provide lecturers a great opportunity to involve students, companies and alumni in a community environment to dive into topics that they feel passionate about. That is why FEB would like to continue investing and developing extra-curricular LCs for our students. Through LC's, lecturers can share their expertise and knowledge in topics that may not be covered in enough detail in current courses but will be valuable for students to learn. Through LC's students can also participate in practical company projects to link them with real world.

One of the many possible topics
One of the many possible topics

Previous topics

Get some inspiration from preceded Learning Community topics:

Service and support for lecturers

LC's at FEB have been successfully running for four consecutive semesters now. FEB Careers Company has supported lecturers by making arrangements for extra time and budget to run these communities. Lecturers can also count on support in promotion (toolkit), room bookings, company visits and other logistical matters.


FEB Careers Company offers you tools for promoting Learning Communities:

What students said about LC's

  • ‘The good thing is that they didn’t help us too much. This way we were forced to discover our own ways to solve problems’. (LC Big data)
  • 'BSc and MSc had different points of view, different way of applying the theory’. (LC strategy)
  • ‘I will surely recommend this LC to the others; it could be good role model for other universities to apply of LC too; the M&A should be made in a course of 5 ECTS.’ (LC M&A)


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions! On behalf of the FEB Learning Communities team: Jan Riezebos and Marjan van Ittersum (

FEB’s learning communities are offered by the FEB Careers Company.
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