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LC | Moral Decision Making and Personal Leadership in Organisations



Think about the Panama papers, Tesla’s self driving car or the market for patented medicine in the Third World. You read about it on the front pages but how well informed is the public?

Ethical questions in society often relate to the (specialized) knowledge of professionals in organizations. There is a societal need for professionals informing the moral debate. On the other hand, professionals might be eager to join the societal discussion, and organizations might have large interests at stake. But it takes quite specific skills to participate in a moral debate, inside the organization as well as outside. You should prepare yourself!

This learning community is for students who want to practice themselves in participating in the moral debate; debating, writing and analyzing. We aim at producing an opinionated article in a magazine, to participate in a forum discussion on a moral topic, or likewise results.

For: Bachelor, Master and PhD students of all degree programmes. We are looking for students from a variety of programs and levels, who care about ethical issues in organisations, who have a desire to understand dilemmas businesses and leaders face, have a moral debate and learn from cases discussed.

Lecturer/s involved: Ir. Wieger van Dalen
External business contacts involved: tba


Main benefits

Key learning outcomes:

  • Ethical analyses
  • Ethics
  • Public relations

Skills covered
Skills to be developed that are required to perform individual tasks and maximize the team delivery.

  • Rhetoric (debating and writing)
  • Moral judgment

Schedule & Time Investment

We will meet 10 times during the semester, but not in the exam periods. Meetings are scheduled at Wednesday 18.00 – 20.00.

Sign up

You can sign up for this Learning Community until 19 February.

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