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Topics | 2015-2016 Semester 2

Ir. F. Jager
Ir. F. Jager
Prof. I.F.A. Vis
Prof. I.F.A. Vis

Community 1: Experience Logistics

Lecturer(s) involved: Prof. I.F.A. Vis and Ir F. Jager

Project details: Logistics is one of the top sectors on the Dutch innovation agenda. However, many people are unclear about what type of activities the logistical sector covers. This project focuses on providing a learning experience to children aged 11-12 to help them experience logistics in a comprehensive and challenging way. The project will deliver an e-learning module on logistics that includes assignments based on videos of company visits, interviews, online content and possibly a game. The project members must be interested in developing learning material, and thus need to be creative, able to collaborate and negotiate with external content delivery partners, and enjoy working on a product that will provide a unique learning experience in the field of logistics.

Skills covered: Developing e-learning tools, multimedia skills, interviewing, negotiating, project management

External business contacts involved: Logistics companies (ports, transportation, warehouses, etc.), primary schools, as well as SMEs in the creative industry (games developers)

Drs. D.P. Tavenier RA
Drs. D.P. Tavenier RA

Community 2 : Mergers and acquisitions in small and medium-sized enterprises

Lecturer(s) involved: Drs D.P. Tavenier RA

Project details: Owners of SMEs need support during merger and acquisition processes involving their company. In a relatively short timeframe, important and far-reaching decisions have to be taken that require knowledge of various fields, including finance, strategy, operations, business administration and legal affairs. Integrative tools bringing together elementary models from these various fields to support these entrepreneurs in the actual decision-making process are lacking. This project will focus on developing such tools based on the analysis of some recent mergers and acquisitions involving SMEs. It will require interviews with the relevant entrepreneurs and consultants.

Skills covered: Interviewing, negotiating, tool development, diagnostic modelling, financing.

External business contacts involved: Entrepreneurs, consultants and owners of SMEs.

Dr. N.B. Szirbik
Dr. N.B. Szirbik

Community 3: Skills lab in computer programming

Lecturer(s) involved: Dr N.B. Szirbik

Project details: Computer programming is an important skill in both modern business and research. It includes developing mobile apps for various platforms, coding client or server-side scripts, developing VB macros in office files, coding in Matlab or R, Java, Python, etc. Some students may want to start businesses or research projects in which coding skills are essential. This skills lab offers students a unique chance to share knowledge, enjoy coding at various levels of expertise, and enhance entrepreneurship and innovation in modern businesses and research. It’s a unique chance to work with knowledgeable staff or alumni to advance your programming skills.

Skills covered: Programming, entrepreneurship. No advanced coding experience required.

External business contacts involved: Programmers, entrepreneurs, IT experts.

Prof. D.A. de Waard
Prof. D.A. de Waard

Community 4: Sustainability reporting

Lecturer(s) involved: Dr K. van Veen , Prof. D.A. de Waard

Project details: In the modern world, international businesses are challenged to include non-financial aspects of their businesses in the reporting process. This is known as sustainability reporting. It may include information on the achievement of company objectives with respect to reduction of its ecological footprint, safety and labour relations, and involvement of suppliers. What type of control is required or desired for this type of reporting by the accountancy professionals involved in controlling the financial statements? What tools can be developed to support companies in reporting and/or controlling this type of information? This project requires close cooperation with experts in the field of developing sustainable businesses, accountancy and controlling.

Skills covered: Interviewing, tool development, process analysis

External business contacts involved: Globally operating accountancy firms

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