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LC | Strategy

The theme "Strategy, getting Real about Options" offers great value for international academic and professionals in Corporate Management, Strategic Management, Business Strategy, and Finance. The Learning Community aims to stimulate high calibre Bachelor, Master and PhD students to learn skills and new knowledge areas that complement their academic foundations and professional development. The learning process consists in taken a challenge and through discovery, learning new knowledge and skills to apply to a real Business case.

For: Bachelor, Master and PhD students of all programmes from FEB, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences and Faculty of Medical Sciences
Lecturers involved: Paulo J. Marques Morgado and Gijsbert T. J. Zwart
External business contacts involved:
Dhr. H. Palsma MD of Samaid Science (AED Assist B.V.):

Creativity Expert (tbd)
Other experts (tbd)
Schedule: see below

The Challenge

The AED, the Automatic External Defibrillator, is a life-saving device that is crucial in saving 2,000 lives every year from sudden cardiac arrests, only in the Netherlands. AED's can even double this number of saved lives since this has everything to do with the speed a person with a cardiac arrest can be schocked (defibrillated). Most cardiac arrest happen at home (75%) with the lowest density of AED's. In the Netherlands there are about 100,000 in buildings and on the street, but where exactly is not clear. Many AED's are unattainable, and if the need is urgent, it can cost human lives.
AED Assist offers, to the market devices, to assist in case of emergency due to a cardiac arrest and is looking for solutions to fasten time to shock (defibrillation).
Several questions are still unanswered: How fast can the AED be deployed at an emergency location? How to leverage the 170,000 trained volunteers in the Netherlands?

For AED Assist the major Challenge is: How to set the co-operation between the different organizations and AED Assist to collective provide an effective life-saving service? What is the best Strategy and Business Model for AED Assist? What are the major considerations to internationalize the business?

Are you enthusiastic to discover to learn how to address a social phenomenon to set a business resolution? Then this is an excellent opportunity to join the theme "Strategy: Getting Real about Options".

Main benefits

Learning outcomes:

The theme includes learning about Strategy development and Finance, using Real Options Theory and Game Theory to make decisions with quantitative support:
* Develop international Corporate, Management, and Business Strategy
Acquire knowledge in Finance Management
Analyze cases using Real Options Theory and Game Theory
Design empirical solutions
Develop professional skills

Skills covered:

Skills to be developed that are required to perform individual tasks and maximize the team delivered:
* Research
* Creativity
* Presentation
* Communication
* Negotiation
and other found necessary by the team

Schedule and Time Investment

The start date of the Learning Community is to be determined, but will be sometime in mid-February.

Team building activity 1/2 day
Meet the company to learn about the challenge, the Business
and meet key stakeholders
1 day
Creativity Workshop 2 hours
Class teaching on selected topics 6 hours
Weekly workings 2 h/w x 4 x 4 32 hours
Company visit to deliver a solution 1 day

Total number of hours estimated: 60 hours


Application will open soon. Keep an eye on the student portal for more information! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:

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