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LC | Programming in R


This Learning Community facilitates the developing of own skills in R programming. The idea is to provide a structured learning environment where participants can exercise and discuss their experiences with learning, using and applying R in the context of concrete data analysis projects.

Participants will follow in their own time an online (selected parts of) R course. The meetings will be actually used to share experiences (via presentations, for example), but also discuss opportunities (pitfalls) provided by the R programming language and software environment. Also participants can ask support for solving the issues encountered during the learning and executions of own data analysis projects.

For: FEB students from all programmes and levels
Lecturers involved: Dr. Laura Maruster, and Dr. Christine Pelletier (external expert)

Main benefits

Learning outcomes:

  • R environment (R-studio)
  • Understanding basic data structures (vectors, matrices, lists, data frames)
  • Reading/writing from/to files
  • Understanding conditional execution and control flow (loops)
  • Function calls, regular expressions
  • Specific R packages and functions (statistical, machine learning)
  • Application of R elements to real-data projects

Skills covered:

  • Developing basic R programming skills
  • Data importing and cleaning in R
  • Data visualization in R
  • Data analysis using real datasets with selected techniques

Schedule and Time Investment


  • 12 weekly meetings (no meetings in exam period)

Planning of the meetings is not yet set; this will be announced.

Time investment:

  • 2 hours-class weekly
  • 3 hours preparation for class weekly


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You are welcome to attend an information session about this Learning Community on February 7th, at 15.30 h. in room 5411-0125. Dr. Laura Maruster is available for questions and will provide any other information you may need to decide whether to participate in this Learning Community.

If you have any questions or for more information, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:


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