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LC | PI Auctions in Computational Terms

PI auctions

This Learning Community is meant to further develop the skills in Python-programming - for those students who are already fairly competent programmers. It is a continuation of a project that started in the previous year.

Participants will work in SCRUM development style, using a project software depository. The aim of the project is to implement various auction mechanisms for the Physical Internet (PI) future paradigm - which allow the containers in the PI to be matched to future shipments.

It is possible to sign up for this learning community during the semester. Contact Dr. Szirbik for more information or a personal consult at

For: a maximum of 8 FEB students from all programmes and levels, who are fairly competent programmers (Phyton). Interested participants need to prove they have the level of skills considered necessary.
Lecturers involved: Dr. Nick B. Szirbik and dhr. Niels Wouda (TA)
External business contacts involved: n/a

Main benefits

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of how automated auctions are programmed
  • An understanding of the computational issues related to auctions in general
  • An understanding of the computational issues related to the Physical Internet
  • Further improvement of programming skills (Phyton)
  • Ability to work in a software development team, adhering to a managing framework for the development process (SCRUM)

Skills covered:

  • Improving existing software development skills
  • Expanding programming skills in Phyton
  • Using central repositories
  • Preparing and executing Sprints in SCRUM

Schedule and Time Investment


  • Weekly Sprint-meetings, 12 or 13 in total (no meetings during exam periods)
  • Preparation for Sprint-meetings
  • Independent work

Planning of the meetings is not set yet; this will be defined based on the availability of the eventual participants.

Time investment:

  • Weekly 2-hours sprintmeetings
  • 4-5 hours of independent work and Sprint preparation


Application will open soon. Keep an eye on the student portal for more information! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:

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