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LC | New Business Developments in Africa

LC new business developments in Africa



Africa is the continent where business is developing rapidly. In several fields we see new and fast going developments (ICT applications, Agricultural field (seed breeding, irrigations, drone techniques for cultivating crops), Energy and the curse of natural resources). It is worth studying these developments in more detail and find out how this will work out. What will be specific for the African situation and what will be more universal. Besides the new business developments still questions of basic economic development are important. The contrast between fast moving industrial developments and the attempts to set up and start (industrial/economic) development will also be part of the focus in this Learning Community. What can we learn about this contrast and about the two developments in itself: Are there specific answers only for Africa?

Focus: Energy, from charcoal to……
In this block, we will look into the Energy Sector of Africa. We want to focus on the transition from using charcoal to other resources as a source for heating. Renewable options are available but gas (LNG) might also be an alternative. In this LC, we want to work on several scenarios in which the transition from charcoal to other sources is key. The topic is especially interesting for East Africa countries; Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Output for this semester:
We will divide the learning community in several groups. Each group will create a portfolio by collecting information on a specific scenario. A short report, an interesting power point presentation and a short movie will make up the portfolio. As a team, we will build a website to display all information gathered.

For: FEB students from all programmes and levels
Lecturers involved: Dr. Bartjan W. Pennink
External business contacts involved: Industrial and NGO contacts related to new business (ICT applications, Local Economic Development related, Energy (gas)), the Makerere University in Uganda and the Institute of Finance Management in Tanzania

Main benefits

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge about high-tech business developments
  • Learning how to combine knowledge with experiences
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Have more knowledge on Africa

Skills covered:

  • Knowledge about entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge about how to apply ICT in business situations
  • Out of the box/open minded thinking
  • Experience with international markets and projects, specifically Africa
  • Writing skills

Schedule and time investment

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday 26 September from 18.00 -19.30 h, in room 5411-0125. All other sessions will be determined with the members of our Learning Community. A final presentation and the official opening of the website will close this semesters’ Learning Community.


Sign up via the blue button below (downloading takes a few seconds)! Registration is open until September 19th.

Keep an eye on the student portal for more information! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:

An information session will be held in the third or fourth week of September. Dr. Pennink will be available for questions and information. Date, time and location for the information session will be announced here, as soon as possible.

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