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LC | Entrepreneurship


FIRST MEETING FOR LC Enterepreneurship is MONDAY FEBRUARY 12th from 13.00 - 15.00 hours in ROOM 5411-0543

You probably already know that entrepreneurship is considered to be essential for any organization you will work for, whether it will be an existing company or your own start-up. At the same time, you may want to know more about what entrepreneurship actually entails. Or you may want to assess the feasibility of our own business idea. Or you simply feel that working on your entrepreneurial skills could benefit your personal development and future career. In all these cases, the learning community Entrepreneurship - a collaboration between FEB and UGCE - could be the right choice for you!

The learning community Entrepreneurship offers an opportunity to develop your own entrepreneurial potential. This will be done in two stages. In stage one, you will be introduced to several essential themes of entrepreneurship. These include "the impact of entrepreneurship", "finding your customer", "design thinking", and 'the value proposition at the core of your business". Furthermore, you will start exploring the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University of Groningen. In stage two, you will continue exploring this ecosystem, and at the same time, start contributing to it by means of your own entrepreneurial project. This project could be related to your own business idea, or to the activities of the Student Entrepreneurship Community Groningen.

For: Ambitious bachelors, master and PhD-students from all programs who want to combine theory with practical experiences
(Note: If a student already participated in the faculty minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship, this LC is less suitable)
Lecturers involved: Drs. Frank D. Streefland (coordinator Entrepreneurship minors FEB), Aniek Ouendag & Afra Spoelder (project managers UGCE)
External business contacts involved:
- VentureLab North (
- Founded in Groningen (
- Donar Startup Assist (

Main benefits

Learning outcomes
In this LC Entrepreneurship you will:

  • Learn essential concepts of entrepreneurship from both an academic and practitioner's point of view
  • Explore the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University of Groningen
  • Contribute to this ecosystem by applying your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to your own project

Skills covered:

  • Value creation
  • Autonomy and resilience
  • Communication, Persuasion and Networking skills (including Pitching)

Schedule & Time Investment

Preliminary Schedule :

The Learning Community will start on Monday February 12th and end during the week of June 6th (last regular week in block 2b):
- from 2-12-18 until 3-19-18, meetings on Monday's (afternoon and evening)
- from 4-20-18 until 6-08-18, meetings on Friday's (morning and early afternoon)
There will be no meetings during exam periods.

First meeting is Monday February 12th, from 13.00 - 15.00 h. in ROOM 5411-0543
(If you have not registered yet, but would like to join this learning community, please come to this first meeting).

All details regarding the schedule will be discussed during the information session of Monday February 5th (see below).

Time Investment:
about 4 hours per week, not including time to work on your own project.
Additionally, participants of this learning community will take part in the UGCE VentureLab weekend of March 23-25.


Sign up via the blue button below!

You are welcome to attend an information session about this Learning Community on February 5th, at 13.00 h. in room 5411-0120. Drs. Frank Streefland is available for questions and will provide any other information you may need to decide whether to participate in this Learning Community.

If you have any questions or for more information, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:

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