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LC | Digital Mapping of International Companies in the Nothern Netherlands



'Nearly 75,000 international students choose to study in the Netherlands. Of these, over 70% would like to find a job after graduation in the Netherlands, but only 28% have succeeded in doing so. Simultaneously, businesses and organisations sometimes find it difficult to attract internationals. While internationalisation is a vehicle for innovation and productivity growth, it seems that the skills of international talents are not fully used by the Northern businesses.'
Source: IWCN, International Welcome Center North

One idea to improve this, is to produce interactive maps that give accurate representations of the degree of internationalisation of Northern Businesses. This will stimulate internationalisation of SME’s not only by bringing closer international talents and international SME’s, but also by stimulating cooperation between international SME’s and prospective international SME’s.

The Learning Community 'Digital Mapping' will be part of a multi-year project, entitled 'Make it in the North, that involves the university, (local) government and (local) businesses.' During this Learning Community, students from the Faculty of Economics and Business work together with students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences to define the process of designing maps and criteria, based on interviews with the stakeholders and the available data. Next, your job is to compile and format this data into a virtual image. A first starting point could be the digital map of the NOM (Northern Investment and Development Company).

The focus on internationalisation of the Northern Netherlands and the involvement of SME’s, makes this Learning Community an excellent opportunity for involvement of exchange students and International Business and International Economics students.

For: Exchange students and BSc and MSc students from all study programmes within FEB
Lecturers involved: Drs. Elise Kamphuis, Faculty of Economics and Business
Other university contacts: Drs. Peter van Kampen, Faculty of Spatial Sciences
External business contacts involved: WTC, NOM, Koninklijke Metaal Unie, Province of Drenthe, IWCN

Main benefits

Learning outcomes:  

  • Explain different stages and models of international business
  • Introduction to digital mapping techniques
  • Explain businesses expansion abroad
  • Analyze the local business environment

Skills covered:

  • Intercultural competences
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills

Schedule & Time Investment

The time investment of this learning community is estimated at about 2 to 4 hours per week. The duration of the learning community will approximately be two to three years to collect data and monitor the map. Every semester, a new group of students will work on this. In September 2017, the Learning Community will kick-off.


If you have any questions or for more information, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum: Application details: You can sign up and share your motivation using this web form.

Last modified:28 August 2017 09.01 a.m.